3D Action Game Homura Hime Announced (for PC)

3D action game Homura Hime announced for PC

The game Homura Hime was influenced by Japanese animation. Exhilarating battles and 3D gunfire make this a 3D action game. Homura Hime, a demon girl with a wide range of emotions, will be the main opponent in the players’ conflict. Exorcism and annihilation reveal Homura Hime and her demon sisters’ backstories to the players.

Homura Hime was developed by Crimson Dusk, a Taiwanese Indie game development team founded in May of 2020. During Sam’s freshman year at a university in 2018, he developed a prototype of Homura Hime, which he presented to the representatives of the teams. As a result, Crimson Dusk was released, and Homura Hime’s development continued in earnest.

Sam’s thoughts on development (Crimson Dusk)

When it comes to action sequences and stunning visuals, Homura Hime is a play that can’t be beaten. So much effort goes into expanding the storey and game world, as you can tell. Let us show you what we’ve been working on. The game needs your help to be added to Steam.


Welcoming you to a bygone era. In the presence of strong emotions and regret, your souls can become Archdemons. An archdemon’s primary weapons are logic and reasoning, both of which they can use to inflict harm on the world around them. As a result of their transformation, these demonic creatures become low-level monsters who act solely on flashes of instinct.

Amidst the world’s impending doom, the Lord implores the man to save it by dispatching Homura Hime, the Flame Princess, the ultimate demon killer, and the messenger named Ann, the heavenly mission of purifying the world and eradicating evil.

Key Features

  • An adventure in the style of an anime.
  • 3D Bullet Hell is a terrifyingly difficult experience.
  • Your weapon will be enhanced, and you will defeat the magical Demon Girl.
  • Defeat the demons and learn the truth about this world.


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