Steve Harley Kids: How Many Children Did He Have With His Wife?

Steve Harley Kids
Steve Harley Kids

Steve Harley, a famous British singer and songwriter, captured the hearts of many as the lead singer of Cockney Rebel. Sadly, he passed away on March 17, 2024, after fighting cancer. Now, people are curious about his children. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Steve Harley’s life and his relationship with his kids, celebrating the memories he leaves behind.

Steve Harley’s Kids

Steve Harley, a well-known performer, was a loving father to his daughters, Greta and Kerr. The famous artist shared his children with Dorothy, his longtime partner whom he married a long time ago.

Steve Harley's Kids
Steve Harley’s Kids

During their forty years of marriage, they had two children and raised a happy family. Also, in April 2021, Harley told everyone that his daughter Greta was doing something special to help little kids who were losing their hair because they were getting cancer treatment.

Greta was giving her hair at the time to make a wig for a child whose hair would fall out because of cancer. She asked everyone to help her reach her objective.

Steve Harley’s Wife

In February 1981, Harley tied the knot with Dorothy at the Marylebone Register Office. They lived together in North Essex. They had a wedding blessing at their neighborhood church in Belchamp Otten, Essex, for their tenth wedding anniversary in 1991.

Steve Harley's Wife
Steve Harley’s Wife

Steve Harley’s Daughter Announced His Death

Greta Harley, one of Steve Harley’s children, shared the sad news of his death on social media on March 17, 2024. “We are devastated to announce that our wonderful Husband and Father has passed away peacefully at home,” the daughter wrote on Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel’s Facebook page.

She also said that the singer’s whole family was with him when he closed his eyes for good.

“The birdsong from his woodland that he loved so much was singing for him. His home has been filled with the sounds and laughter of his four Grandchildren,” Greta said.

She also said, “His heart showed only essences of passion, kindness, and grants.” In addition, Greta said that her dad felt a lot better after hearing all the good thoughts from his friends.

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