Stephen Curry Makes Basketball Shoes Stylish Once Again

stephen curry shoes
stephen curry shoes

Even though sneakerheads have more options than ever before, they all wear the same shoes. Over the past few years, Adidas Yeezy 350s and Nike Dunks have been the most popular shoes for both athletes and fans.

Both are great role models who helped shape their times. But because they are everywhere, many people are wondering what will come next. The answer comes from a place you might not expect. Stephen Curry, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors, is making it cool to wear basketball shoes again.

We talked about the long-awaited release of the Curry Flow 10 earlier this month. This is Curry’s tenth signature sneaker since he started working with Under Armour and his third since he started his own brand, Curry Brand. The point guard who is always on the All-NBA team has already been wearing those to games.

But we have seen Curry wear his retro models before games. The Curry 1 and 4 are back, but they now have better performance (now known as the FloTro series). OG sneakerheads are happy to see high-top models being worn casually again.

There are the Curry Flow Go running shoes and the Curry Flow Cozy Sportstyle shoes for fans who want more stylish shoes. Both of these models are sold on the Curry Brand website and in some stores.

Many of the sneakers we see every day won’t be going away any time soon. But as we move into a new decade, I hope that the sneaker community will become more diverse. FanNation Kicks thinks Curry is always ahead of the game.

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