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Premier League: A Dramatic Season Finale

The Premier League’s competition for the top spots is becoming hotter by the day.

As the season nears its conclusion, the stakes are raised for everyone. The Premier League has a reputation for having thrilling finishes but this year could continue for the foreseeable future in the same manner.

The pandemic’s spread has made things difficult this season. As a result, the number of games played by each club varies widely, as do the points earned by those teams.

While clubs certainly have games in hand it will be difficult to turn them into points. That is where the top prospects may separate from the rest of the pack. Let’s have a look at the teams who will be vying for European glory.

Premier League Top 4 Odds

Three teams have kept their distance and are certain to finish in the top three of the league: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. For the 4th slot, there is an open competition between Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, and West Ham.

Fourth-placed Manchester United is nine points adrift of Chelsea with two games left to play. Tottenham at 7th has 2 games on Manchester United and behind by 2 points.

Arsenal who was on a roll recently has slowed down and it looks like Mikel Arteta’s team have reached a wall. Arsenal, currently 6th in the table, trails United by two points with a game in hand.

The Hammers, under David Moyes, have slowed down and lost some of the steam they had early in the season. Tottenham, Manchester United, and Arsenal appear to have the best odds of reaching it through.

Tottenham and Manchester United have been awarded a 40 percent chance apiece but Arsenal has a 28 percent chance as per the bookmakers. Football, on the other hand, is all about the shocks and the spills.

The renowned Top 6 of England are back?

New managers and a fresh crop of players in the team appear to have restored order to the Premier League’s top six. Arsenal have assembled a brand-new team, while Tottenham have brought in Antonio Konte to help with the reorganisation.

United is a group that is still trying to reach its full potential. With huge stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, they are anticipated to perform a lot better and are favourites for the 4th position in the League.

All large clubs have potential since they have matches left against their direct rivals. This season could turn out to be the foundation of a new rivalry among these renowned clubs.

Leicester and Aston Villa are two dark horses that can disrupt things. They’ve had a rough stretch, but they’re still capable of making a return. Even the “giants” seem vulnerable thus far this season, based on what we’ve observed.

So it is very much feasible that someone from the top 3 candidates may underperform. Things could come down to the final game of the season, given the current state of play. It will be very intriguing to watch whether teams have the grit to breakthrough.

Maria Gaspar
Maria Gaspar
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