Yerushalayim Miami Boys Choir Viral Video Is Capturing Tiktok

Yerushalayim Miami Boys Choir Viral Video Is Capturing Tiktok
Yerushalayim Miami Boys Choir Viral Video Is Capturing Tiktok

A TikTok video of the Miami Boys Choir performing ‘Yerushalayim’ has gone viral, bringing joy to everyone’s lives. Fans are now competing for the soloists to spread the love.

On TikTok, millions of people have watched a video that is over ten years old. The viral video, which has received over four million views, features the Miami Boys Choir singing an enthusiastic rendition of ‘Yerushalayim.’ Four soloists, in particular, are winning over fans’ hearts.


The video, which was shared by the choir’s composer, shows the choir performing during a concert more than a decade ago. Yoshi Bender, C. Abromowitz, David Hershkowitz, and Binyomin Abramowitz take turns enthusiastically singing their sections.

The song is based on Psalms, and the boys are miming the hills encircling Jerusalem with their open and closing hands. The other dance moves, on the other hand, are all the work of their own original brilliance.

Yerachmiel Begun, the video’s composer and poster, stated that these four lads “ushered in huge adjustments” for the chorus. He also stated that the boys were the “starting point of MBC’s worldwide Gen-Z generation of fans and followers.”

Yerachmiel previously believed the Miami Boys Choir had worldwide supporters, but the uploading of the film has increased that even further.


The video has nearly 10,000 comments, with admirers debating who is the best or most underappreciated soloist.

‘All OK, but Yoshi is so underrated!!’ ‘Abromowitz [is] going criminally underappreciated in these comments tbh,’ one person commented.

Even not understanding a single word of the song does not appear to be a barrier for most fans.

‘I’m not sure what the songs are about… but it smacks.’

‘Holy moly, this music is incredibly catchy, even though I have no idea what they are saying!’ David and Binyomin went all out.’

Some even intend to use the video to fool their own children. Though there are clear age distinctions in their favorite artists.

‘Telling my kids this was One Direction,’ one person commented, while another chose another option. ‘I told my kids it was Backstreet Boys.’

Whatever our favorites are, whether they’re the new One Direction or Backstreet Boys, there’s one thing that many fans can agree on…

‘This sounds like an anime opening.’

‘From what anime is this?’


TikTok now has over 1500 films incorporating the viral video’s sound. Most people rank the four vocalists, with David’s powerful pipes usually coming in first. Others are spreading the delight by showing others who were oblivious to what they were losing out on.

Some fans are submitting audition recordings for their own solos or as backup dancers for the renowned lads.

One answer in particular, with nearly 350k likes, is undoubtedly the most popular…

Perhaps the name sounds familiar, or the moves appear familiar. This is a duet from none other than THE David Hershkowitz of the Miami Boys Choir!

Even after all these years, the great singers can still shake it to Yerushalayim and compete with 1D and Backstreet Boys.

Even better, when a commenter on the original video inquired about a reunion, the composer replied:

‘Excellent thought…’

We’ll have to cross our fingers!

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