What Exactly Is Tiktok Trend Vabbing Mean? Women On Tiktok Swear That This Strange Technique Will Instantly Increase Your Attractiveness

Tiktok Trend Vabbing
Tiktok Trend Vabbing

Before homeroom, I used to spray myself with Bath & Body Works’ signature Toasty Vanilla Sugar scent, hoping that all the young boys would be drawn to me like magnets.

Did it work? Not really, but it was fun to smell like a candle as I awkwardly walked through the halls and tried to let all my potential partners get a whiff of me.

I’m not looking for a date right now, and I’ve given up all my routines, but shout out to the women who are still out there. It’s not easy out there, and you have to think outside the box sometimes to catch a good guy.

And it looks like some boss babes are doing just that. Vaping—have you heard of it? A few years ago, people started doing this on the internet. TikTok just brought it back, even though it had died down a bit. Read on to find out more about vaping and whether or not it really works. Oh, and you might want to sit down for this article if you aren’t already.

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What Is Vabbing?

Urban Dictionary says that vabbing is when a woman puts her fingers in her vagina and puts the liquids behind her ears to get laid.

To vab as a verb means to dab the vagina and then put what you’ve gathered on your wrist, neck, and/or behind your ears as if it were perfume to attract a mate.


This is because your female liquids have chemical signals in them, which WebMD calls your “scent of s*xual attraction.”

You see, if hormone levels are put out by an animal, it’s almost a given that it will mate. Take the case of sea creatures, which release substances into the water around them. This sends a chemical message to other sea creatures in the colony to also release their s*x cells at the same time. Isn’t it?

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So, Does Vabbing Actually Work?

Scientists have been arguing for years about whether or not human and animal substances work the same way. Human pheromones are a little more complicated than animal secretions. But some women on TikTok who vape say it’s a pretty surefire way to get people of the other s*x interested.

The person who made it, @oldloserinbrooklyn, says it works better than Elle Woods’s famous bend and snap. “If you dab, you’ll get a date, a one-night stand, or just free drinks all night,” she said in the TikTok below.

She also says that when you take your sample, you don’t have to be “fresh out of the shower clean,” just “relatively clean.”

Also, in her 2019 book The Game of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance—and Getting What You Want, clinical sexologist Shan Boodram talks about vabbing. And even though she is for vaping,

She admits that it might not always be a hit with the men, but she does it for a different, more empowering reason. In an interview with Refinery29, she said, “I’m sure that every time I use it, it makes me feel like a magical goddess with a tasty secret.”

But there are people who think vabbing is a bunch of nonsense. Professor Mark Elgar, who teaches evolutionary biology at the University of Melbourne, told ABC, “I think the whole idea of Vabbing is funny, and I hope no one takes it too seriously.”

He said that humans look at “a whole spectrum of other signals” beside your smell when they want to meet new people.

“It could be how you look, how you talk, how often you talk, or how your voice sounds,” he said. “It could also be how funny you are or how charming you are. It could be a lot of things.”

So, that’s what we know about vaping. Basically, it’s one of those things that will always cause people to have different opinions.

What do we think? Take from your own collection, babe, if you’re curious and trying to save money on designer perfumes (ha!). Even though people have different opinions about vabbing, it is a lot safer than most TikTok trends, which is a big plus.

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