What Does City Boy TikTok Trend Mean? All You Need To Know

What Does City Boy Mean Tiktok
What Does City Boy Mean Tiktok

There aren’t many things on TikTok that everyone can understand, but sometimes a niche meme goes viral that leaves many users confused. The City Boy meme that became so famous on TikTok is just the latest sign of this strange trend. Although many on TikTok have done enjoy the meme, others here have found the whole thing to be a bit tricky.

What does the TikTok term “City Boy” mean?

The City Boy trend comes from an incident in the animated show Gravity Falls in which Deputy Durland yells “City boy! City boy!” at a character called Dipper.

In its current context on TikTok, the scene is being used to relate to the slang term “City Boy,” which relates to men who don’t let women get in the direction of their achievement.

The most popular definition on Urban Dictionary says that City Boys are a group with a lot of drive. The website says that the term means “a man who is living his best life and always chasing the bag without letting hot girls or any other woman get in the way.”

Some people may think of the term in a good way, but it has also been used to talk about stories in which a woman was loyal to a man who then dumped her.

An Instagram account has helped spread the word.

The Instagram account @cityboys has helped spread the word by telling stories of men who treated women badly because they were more focused on their own success.

In June 2022, TikTok users started to point out that City Boys are a type of man who often treats women badly. The term has also been used to judge some of the men on Love Island in clips from shows like Love Island.

Even though many men may put their success first, being a “City Boy” is not a good thing, and most men shouldn’t try to be one.

It’s not clear where the word came from, but the clip from Gravity Falls used it in a very different way. This trend, which calls out men who some people think are bad, has just taken that clip and used it.

The term “City Boys” is not the first time that a strange phrase has been used on TikTok.

Even though systems like TikTok are linked to the real world, they often create their own languages that are rarely used anywhere else. City Boy is just the most recent example of a term that means something different in most situations than it does on TikTok.

In the past, words like “Krissed” and “Kaw” became popular on TikTok, and many people needed to know what they meant before they could use them. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that a term like “City Boy” might pop up on TikTok and need to be clarified to even some of the system’s less connected users.

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