What Did Apple VP Tony Blevins Say on TikTok? Here’s What To Know

What Did Apple VP Tony Blevins Say on TikTok
What Did Apple VP Tony Blevins Say on TikTok

Apple is always keeping an eye on competitors like TikTok, but this may be the first time that one of its executives has had to step down because of a video on that platform. Tony Blevins, who is in charge of procurement at the world’s richest company, will be leaving his job after a TikTok video of him saying some pretty rude things were made public.

In TikTok, What Did Tony Blevins Say?

@itsdanielmac posted the TikTok, which shows Blevins and a woman getting out of their car on what looks like a golf course. Blevins is asked in the video what he does for a living. His answer is, “I buy expensive cars, play golf, and kiss women with big breasts.”

The video was posted earlier this month, but a report from Bloomberg says that both executives and regular employees in the company have been looking at it closely since then.

Blevins has agreed to leave the company, but Apple hasn’t said anything else about when he will be leaving. Before his departure was official, Blevins was the subject of an internal investigation at Apple and was removed from his position as one of the top executives in charge of supply at the company.

In A Statement, Blevins Said He Was Sorry For What He Had Said

After hearing that he was leaving, Blevins also put out a statement in which he apologized for his comments. Blevins said in the statement, “I would like to take this chance to sincerely apologize to anyone who was hurt by my bad attempt at humor.”

Blevins had worked at Apple for 22 years and was one of 30 executives who reported directly to CEO Tim Cook.

His answer seems to have been a reference to the movie Arthur, which came out in 1981 and has a scene where the main character says, “I race cars, play tennis, and kiss women, but I’m my own boss and I have the weekends off.”

Blevins meant for his comments to be funny, but that’s not how they came across at all. The fact that he said those things right after getting out of his $500,000 Mercedes probably didn’t help.

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