Tiktok-famous: What Is A Hydreight Nurse And What Is Their Earnings?

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Their TikTok videos have received thousands of views, and they are inviting others to join them. But what exactly is a Hydreight Nurse, and how much do they make?

Hydreight is the company behind the TikTok sensation Hydreight Nurses. Viewers are more intrigued than ever about what a Hydreight Nurse is, thanks to their regular postings on their Facebook, HydreightWellness. We constantly encourage individuals to join by displaying all of the job’s rewards, and we break down what it takes.


Hydreight is a mobile IV drip company. Nurses can effectively work for themselves without having to deal with the “headaches of running your own business.” Nurses can join their medical network and earn money by assisting consumers who use their ‘groundbreaking Uber-style mobile medicine app.’

Clients can discover what medical professionals are available in their neighborhood and request an IV drip by their side as soon as possible by clicking a button.

Hydreight, which promotes hydration therapy, claims that its services can:

‘recharge you after your most strenuous activities. Assist you in recovering faster from the illness. Toxins should be flushed from your body. Give your muscles the hydration they require.’

Hydreight is said to help with sports-related ailments, getting rid of a hangover quickly, and even minor headaches. They even claim to be able to aid with illnesses like fibromyalgia.


A Hydreight Nurse is simply someone who works for the firm and administers IV drips when it is convenient for them. However, they are most well-known for their TikTok videos.

A few recurring faces are spreading the word about Hydreight on their TikTok account. Their main marketing effort right now is about how being a Hydreight Nurse is superior to being a hospital nurse.

Because the nurses just have to provide and administer IV drips, one of the benefits they promote is not having to deal with the more difficult aspects of nursing. Hydreight Nurses enjoy an easy life, even receiving criticism or complaints from patients or having to deal with patient mortality.

These nurses appear to have it all: they are stress-free and work their own hours.


In a recent TikTok video, one of the nurses claimed to get paid twice as much as a hospital nurse.

Of course, nurses are paid differently based on their level of skill. However, another TikTok user claimed that Hydreight Nurses, who work as travel nurses, may earn up to $110 per hour.

Hydreight nurses earn $76 more per hour than staff nurses, the lowest paid nurses in a hospital. If they worked full-time (40 hours per week), they would earn more than $17,500 per month.

In the United States, the average income for a staff nurse is roughly $75,000 per year. Even with four weeks of vacation each year and a wage of $110 per hour, Hydreight Nurses earn roughly $190,000 per year.

It’s no secret that medical personnel, particularly nurses, are underpaid. With Hydreight on the scene, perhaps more nurses will start getting paid what they’re truly worth.

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