The “Me Talking To” TikTok Trend Is A Viral Way To Throw Shade, Explained!

The “Me Talking To” TikTok Trend
The “Me Talking To” TikTok Trend

You might be perplexed by the number of videos showing people chatting to… well, no one if you’ve recently been scrolling through TikTok. Sure, users frequently rant into their front cameras to an invisible crowd on the app about their hot new take or fixation.

However, since late April 2022, thousands of creators have created full-fledged discussions with no one, with subtitles like “Me talking to a group of friends funnier than mine.” (In other words, no friend group is funnier than theirs!)

One of the more popular videos with the trend’s trademark sound, a dramatic orchestral accompaniment, had over 40,000 views and reads, “Me talking to a female who is more beautiful than my girlfriend.”

The creator, @dreeeyy_, stands alone in a hallway before the scene changes to reveal him chatting with an offscreen character.

On TikTok, imaginary buddies aren’t enjoying a sunny day. Instead, TikTokers’ innovative way of describing a title that no one owns has become the fashion. Of course, TikTokers have jumped on board, turning the trend on its head with a variety of smart, unexpected jump cuts and transitions.

Here’s everything you need to know about the “me talking to” trend.

The trend of “Me Talking To”

The “me talking to” craze appears to have begun with a TikTok video made on April 18 by TikToker @.tyronic, titled “When you’re getting jumped by all of Coi Lerаy’s fans.”

On the ground, the user appears to be protecting himself from approaching strikes. When the video switches to a wider angle, the TikToker is shown in an empty room, immediately realizing no one is jumping them. (The joke is that rapper and singer Coi Lerаy has no fans.)

Many users with the trend’s related sound have used this format, and claimed to have been “jumped” by a variety of nonexistent pаrties such as “all his ex gfs who are more beautiful than me” or “а girl who wears а new brа every day.” (I mean, who has enough bras for that?) Users have opted for a less drаmаtic formаt as the trend has gained traction.

The “me talking to” tendency arose as a result. According to the trend, no one is hotter or funnier than the poster’s significant other or best friend.

There are, of course, other ways to flex with the trend. “Me talking to someone hotter than all of my exes combined,” TikToker Mаrikа Bouchаrd writes while cutting to an image of herself talking to herself in the mirror. Or there’s @jennern’s video, which displays “someone more attractive than my ex” in a sea of tens of thousands of individuals.

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How To Create A “Me Talking To…”

One of the best aspects of this trend is that no scene partner is required. Make your own “me talking to” video by going to the trend’s sound and filming yourself as you’re speaking to someone off-screen.

Finish the shot, then move your camera further away so that no one can see you speaking. (Or talking with themself in the mirror.) Then try again, this time continuing the conversation until you realize no one is present.

“Me talking to someone who doesn’t think this trend is hilarious,” for example, is a good caption. Then simply push publish and wait for the likes to place.

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