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[Solved] Fix To TikTok’s With “This Post Is Age-Restricted” Message

post is age protected tiktok

post is age protected tiktok

Many of life’s most challenging questions have been resolved as a result of TikTok. Unless the video you’re looking to watch is age-restricted, the social networking app has you covered whether you want to learn how to fold a fitted sheet or make the ideal carbonara.

Users are upset that they get an error message telling them that some posts are protected by age, even though they are adults. What exactly is happening, then?

Does TikTok have an age restriction?

Users must be at least 13 years old to utilize TikTok as of this writing. TikTok under the age of 18 are free to explore the app, but they are unable to access specific content. Recently, the app added a wide range of privacy controls aimed to shield LilTokers from watching content that might be judged offensive.

How to resolve the TikTok error “This post is age-protected”?

If you’re older than eighteen, fixing this problem could only need a little change to your TikTok app settings.

Your age is incorrect on the app, which is another possible cause of this error message. Since changing your age within the app is not allowed, you can get assistance from TikTok customer service.

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