how to turn off age restriction on tiktok

how to turn off age restriction on tiktok

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When they discover that their account has been improperly switched to restricted mode, several TikTok users become upset. But what exactly is the restricted mode, and how do you turn it off?

Numerous users of TikTok often check the app to stay up to date on the latest trends and follow the lives of their favorite producers.

Many of these users are young teens, therefore TikTok launched “limited mode” to assist shield kids from particular kinds of content on the platform.

According to their website, “Restricted Mode is a setting at the account settings level that restricts the visibility of content that might not be appropriate for all audiences.

It may be activated through the settings and is useful for anyone who wants to exclude particular kinds of content from the app. You’ll need to input a passcode to turn it on and off, allowing parents to customise the filter for their child.

How Can I Deactivate Tiktok’s Restricted Mode?

Some users started to complain in February 2022 that the restricted mode had been unexpectedly and probably mistakenly applied to their accounts.

  • To turn off restricted mode, take the following actions:
  • Start TikTok.
  • Visit the page for your profile.
  • The top three lines should be tapped.
  • Then, select “Digital wellbeing” by swiping down.

To disable it, choose “Restricted mode” and enter a passcode.
However, since some users appear to have had a bug, it implies they are unable to disable limited mode because they are unaware of the passcode.

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Users must do the following to resolve the TikTok “This material is age restricted” error: Go to the section that says Settings and Privacy. Make sure “Restricted Mode” is turned off in the “Digital Wellbeing” section. Make sure there are no restrictions turned on in the “Family Pairing” section.