What And How Racist Is Dubai Porta Potty TikTok Trend?

dubai porta potty tiktok
dubai porta potty tiktok

Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend is a recent social media challenge that has been making waves on the popular video-sharing app. It involves individuals filming themselves sitting on portable toilets and pretending to be in Dubai while using the bathroom. While some people may view this trend as harmless fun, others have expressed concern that it is racist and offensive. In this article, we will explore what the Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend is, why it is considered racist, and how it impacts society.

A porta-potty is what?

Any form of portable or mobile toilet that can be moved—some by one person, others with the help of machineries like a truck and crane—is referred to as a porta potty.

What Is Dubai’s Porta Potty TikTok Trend?

porta potty
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The Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend involves individuals sitting on a portable toilet, pretending to be in Dubai while using the bathroom. They then proceed to film themselves sitting on the toilet and sharing the video on TikTok. The trend has gained popularity on the app, with many people participating and sharing their own videos.

According to a TikTok post by @ebrahim_ka, this tendency has recently spread across all social media platforms. It alludes to a phenomenon wherein Instagram models and female influencers receive messages from males in Dubai asking them to defecate on their faces in exchange for thousands, if not millions, of money.


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One unidentified Instagram model was cited by ebrahim_ka as saying, “To perform this, all wealthy men in Dubai fly girls out. They are repulsive. They all share the same obsession.” Despite being a broad generalization, TikToker claimed to be from Dubai and considered himself a wealthy guy. He clarified that he was not into it and that this sort of obsession or kink is not widespread in the nation.

Ebrahim_ka continues by claiming that not only has none of the wealthy families in Dubai mentioned this to him, but it is racist to draw such broad conclusions about Arab males. He even claimed that there was no evidence that any of the men in the porta-potty trend videos were Arab or even from Dubai. No faces or other identifying details were displayed in the movies he watched.

How did the TikTok story about the Dubai porta potties begin?

The TikTok trend is not a recent occurrence, despite the fact that its origins are unclear. Body fluid-related kinks have been around for a while and have their own groups in BDSM-style settings. It’s also unclear how Arab males came to be associated with this trend, but no particular kink or fetish is restricted to one race or gender group.

Despite the impression that travelers are taking off for the Dubai porta-potty trend, it’s possible that it’s less widespread than you might assume. Due to how common it has become on TikTok, it might simply appear that many people are doing it. Additionally, there are always those who fabricate unbelievable tales online in an effort to attract notice.

Why is the Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend considered racist?

The Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend has been widely criticized for being racist and perpetuating harmful stereotypes about Middle Eastern cultures. The trend implies that Dubai is a place where people defecate in public and is dirty and unsanitary. This harmful stereotype has been used to demean and dehumanize Middle Eastern cultures.

Moreover, the trend is also considered racist because it targets a specific race and culture. The individuals participating in the trend are often non-Middle Eastern individuals who are mocking and belittling the culture of another group of people. This type of behavior is unacceptable and perpetuates harmful stereotypes and prejudices.

How does the Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend impact society?

The Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend has the potential to impact society in several ways. Firstly, it can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and prejudices, leading to discrimination and hate crimes. When individuals are portrayed as dirty or unsanitary, it can lead to negative attitudes and beliefs toward them, which can have real-world consequences.

Secondly, the trend can also contribute to normalizing racism and discriminatory behavior. When individuals engage in this behavior without any consequences, it can make it seem acceptable to mock and belittle other cultures. This can lead to a normalization of discriminatory behavior, making it more challenging to address and eliminate.


The Dubai Porta Potty TikTok trend is a dangerous and racist trend that perpetuates harmful stereotypes and prejudices about Middle Eastern cultures. It has the potential to impact society in negative ways and contribute to the normalization of discriminatory behavior. It is important for individuals to recognize the harmful effects of this trend and refrain from participating in it.

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