What And How Racist Is Dubai’s Porta Potty TikTok Trend?

dubai porta potty tiktok

There’s always a lot to keep up with on apps like TikTok, where the

content appears and disappears so quickly. Trends can pass you by, and because of the FYP page’s algorithms, you may be unaware that certain items were even popular.

However, because there is so much to see on the platform, it’s possible that some of what attracts attention isn’t what you’d expect.

The “Dubai Porta Potty” trend is one of the most popular topics on TikTok right now. It’s probably worse than you think, despite the fact that it sounds nasty enough on its own. Here’s everything we know thus far, as well as how it all began.

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What Is Dubai’s Porta Potty TikTok Trend?

@ebrahim ka, a TikTok content creator, described the trend to hit one million followers. “It’s been claimed that wealthy Arab men are approaching Instagram models and other female influencers messages offering them up to $1 million for the opportunity to defecate on their faces.”

It’s all about Shitting in people’s faces. The porta potty is the mouth. That ended the discussion.

Unsurprisingly, many individuals are aware of this, understand it, and are still looking for it before posting TikToks warning people not to watch a specific video.

Now, I do not hear to kink-shaming anyone, and at the same time, please do not view the video for the sake of your sanity.

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How Racist Is Dubai’s Porta Potty TikTok Trend?

Although the beginnings of the TikTok trend are unclear, this is not a new occurrence. Body fluid kinks have existed for many years and have their own communities in BDSM-like venues.

While it is also unknown how Arab men specifically grew enamored with this trend, no fetish or kink is restricted to a single racial or gender demographic.

Although it may appear that people are turning to Dubai’s porta toilet craze, this phenomenon may not be as widespread as it appears.

It’s possible that it looks like a lot of people are doing it just because it’s grown so popular on TikTok. And, of course, there are always individuals seeking attention by fabricating absurd claims online.

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