Rick Ness Face Surgery: The Truth Behind the Gold Rush Star Rumored Nose Job

Rick Ness Face Surgery
Rick Ness Face Surgery

Rick Ness is a well-known gold miner and reality television star, best known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. He also leads his own mining crew, Rick Ness Crew, which works in various sites across the world.

Rick Ness, on the other hand, has been the subject of some speculation and debate over his physical features, particularly his nose. Many fans and viewers have noted that his nose appears different than it used to and have speculated if he has had a nose operation or other facial surgery.

In this post, we’ll look into the facts and speculations surrounding Rick Ness’s face surgery, as well as the reality regarding his nose.

Rick Ness Early Life and Career

Rick Ness was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 5, 1981. He grew up in a musical family and had an early interest in music. He learned to play several instruments, including the guitar, bass, and drums, and founded his own band, the.357 String Band. He traversed the country with his band, performing at numerous festivals and events.


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Rick Ness became interested in gold mining after meeting Parker Schnabel, another gold miner and reality TV personality, at a music event in 2011. For the second season of Gold Rush, Parker encouraged Rick to join his crew as a rock truck driver. Rick took the job and relocated to Alaska to work with Parker.

Rick Ness established himself as a valuable and devoted member of Parker’s crew, eventually rising to the rank of foreman. He worked with Parker for six seasons before deciding to go it alone and start his own team in 2018. He has since mined in Guyana, Canada, and Nevada, among other places.

Rick Ness Face Surgery Rumors

Rick Ness’s face surgery rumors started in 2020 when he appeared in the eleventh season of Gold Rush with a noticeable change in his nose. His nose looked thinner and sharper than before, and some fans speculated that he had undergone a nose job or rhinoplasty.

Some fans also suggested that he had been involved in a fight or an accident that damaged his nose. However, Rick Ness never confirmed or denied these rumors, and did not reveal any details about his nose or face surgery. He also did not respond to any comments or questions from fans or media outlets about his appearance.

Rick Ness Face Surgery Rumors
Rick Ness Face Surgery Rumors

The rumors continued in 2021 when he appeared on the twelfth season of Gold Rush with another change in his nose. His nose looked even more different than before, and some fans wondered if he had undergone another surgery or procedure. Some fans also expressed their concern about his health and well-being.

However, Rick Ness still remained silent about his face surgery rumors and did not address them publicly. He also did not post any photos or videos of himself on social media that could provide any clues or evidence about his nose.

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The Truth Behind Rick Ness Nose

There has been no official statement or confirmation from Rick Ness or his team on his face surgery or nose job as of October 2023. There is also no definite evidence or confirmation that he has undergone any nose or face surgery.

As a result, Rick Ness’ nose alterations could be natural or caused by other variables such as aging, weight loss, lighting, makeup, camera angles, or editing. It’s also possible that he has a medical ailment or injury that alters the shape or size of his nose.

However, unless Rick Ness speaks out about the speculations surrounding his face surgery, the truth behind his nose will stay unclear and hypothetical. The one certainty is that Rick Ness is a prosperous and renowned gold miner and reality TV personality with millions of fans and followers worldwide.  You can follow us on Twitter for more details about other celebrities’ plastic operations, medical procedures, and other topics.

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