Ricardo Lugo Net Worth 2023: How Much Does He Really Earn as a Lawyer?

Ricardo Lugo Net Worth 2023
Ricardo Lugo Net Worth 2023

Ricardo Lugo may not be a well-known figure, yet he is connected to many renowned people. Ricardo Lugo has met many wealthy and famous people because he is married to Star Jones, a lawyer, journalist, fashion designer, novelist, women’s rights activist, and talk show co-host.

Ricardo makes a living as an Administrative Law Judge in Chicago. He specializes in cases involving families and children.

He also works as a family law attorney and is politically involved. Do you want to learn more about Ricardo Lugo? Join us as we peel back the layers of Ricardo Lugo’s life and investigate the intriguing connections between net worth, fame, and advocacy.

What Is Ricardo Lugo Net Worth In 2023?

Ricardo Lugo has a net worth of roughly $5 million in 2023, according to sources. This does not fairly depict how much money the Chicago lawyer has. Even so, it’s an estimate based on his annual salary as an attorney.

Ricardo Lugo Net Worth
Ricardo Lugo Net Worth

An average lawyer in the United States earns between $93,314 and $116,702 per year. This varies based on the state and the work of the lawyer. Ricardo Lugo’s earnings may be higher because he works for more than one law firm.

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Ricardo Lugo Early Life

Ricardo Lugo was born on January 3, 1962, in Wisconsin. Ricardo’s family information is not available because he has never disclosed anything about his personal life on the Internet.

Ricardo Lugo earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Procopius College. He later attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison to obtain his Juris Doctor. He received his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in 1991.

He later earned his bachelor’s degree from Benedictine University. In addition to these certificates, he received his divorce Mediator Certification from Northwestern Law School.

Ricardo Lugo Career

Lugo practiced criminal law after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a law degree in 1991. He obtained licenses in both Wisconsin and Illinois in order to practice as an administrative law judge and an attorney.

Ricardo launched his law office in Illinois in 2017 after being a lawyer for over 20 years. His primary areas of practice include juvenile law, civil litigation, criminal defense, and family law. The Lugo Law Office is the name of his firm.

Juan Diaz established the Spanish Action Committee of Chicago as a non-profit organization to bring the needs and issues of the Hispanic community to light. Ricardo serves on the board of that organization.

Lugo is also a member of the Puerto Rican Bar and the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Attorney Panel. He serves on the board of Cabrini-Green Court Aid, a non-profit organization that assists people with the American legal system for free.

Prior to this position, he worked for the United States Probation Office, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office. Ricardo was adamant that Donald Trump not run for office again and that the Republicans were not well supported.

He conducted commercials against him in person and on social media. Several derogatory drawings and comments regarding the former US president may be seen on his Instagram feed.

Ricardo Lugo Personal Life

Ricardo has been married before, although he has never revealed the identity of his ex-wife. We do know that they have a son named Jake. After being a single father for a long time, Lugo met Star Jones on a dating app.

Star stated that she did not have a personal photograph, but she did share photographs of herself doing various activities throughout her life. They were a good match, and after eight weeks of communicating, they agreed to go on a date.

They met for the first time at a French restaurant. They fell in love at first sight and began dating immediately. They got engaged after a year of dating.

On March 25, 2018, Ricardo Lugo married Star Jones on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. There were perhaps 150 of their closest family and friends present. Famous guests included RHOA’s Phaedra Parks and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

The astute husband and wife discovered that getting married aboard a cruise ship was the ideal combination of convenience and style. Star’s bachelorette party and Ricardo’s bachelor party were also held there, as well as a much-needed holiday and a multi-day party to coincide with Star’s birthday.

When Ricardo and Star returned from their vacation, Star, who used to be on TV, expressed her gratitude to Lugo, adding, “All of my friends say they’ve never seen me so happy.” It’s hilarious!” Lugo, she said, was “kind and gentle” and a “wonderful man.”

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