Radcliffe Bailey Cause of Death: Renowned African American Artist, Dies at 54

Radcliffe Bailey Cause of Death
Radcliffe Bailey Cause of Death

Radcliffe Bailey, a 54-year-old contemporary African-American artist noted for his mixed-media work that explored his black history and childhood in the South, died on November 15, 2023. To learn more about Radcliffe Bailey’s Cause of Death, continue reading.

Radcliffe Bailey Cause of Death

Radcliffe Bailey unfortunately died as a result of a brain cancer battle. Throughout his courageous battle with the disease, Bailey continued to create art that inspired audiences all over the world. His unwavering dedication to his art, as well as his ability to confront difficult themes, garnered him respect and admiration.

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A Celebrated Career in Art

Bailey was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey, in 1968, and his family relocated to Atlanta when he was four years old. His mother, who took him to the High Museum of Art and introduced him to the works of James Van Der Zee and Jacob Lawrence, sparked his passion for art at a young age.

He began his professional career as a sculptor, painter, and mixed-media artist after graduating from Atlanta College of Art in 1991. Bailey’s work used paint, traditional African sculpture, tintype images of his family, clay, and piano keys to explore themes of lineage, race, and cultural memory.

He developed layered and three-dimensional works with fragrance and sound elements, relying on his personal background and the history of the African diaspora. He was once quoted as saying, “I believe that by making things that are very personal they become universal.”.

Bailey’s artistic accomplishments were internationally recognized, with him receiving the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant in 2008 and the Elizabeth and Mallory Factory Prize for Southern Art in 2010.

He held numerous solo shows, the most recent of which being “Memory as Medicine,” which debuted at the High Museum of Art in 2011 and moved to other institutions across the country.

He also displayed his large-scale piece Windward Coast (2009–2011) at the First International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, which referenced the Atlantic slave trade and its consequences.

His work can be found in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.He is regarded as one of his generation’s most important and inventive African American artists.

A Loving Husband and Father

Bailey was twice married and had two children. Leslie Campbell Parks was his first wife, whom he divorced before 2023. Victoria Rowell, an actress, dancer, and producer, was his second wife, whom he married in

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