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7+ Successful Young Entrepreneurs whose Stories will inspire you!

An picture of an experienced, successful person who has reached a point in their life when they feel comfortable taking new risks and facing new challenges is often associated with the term “entrepreneur.” Harland It wasn’t until the age of 60 that David Sanders developed Kentucky Fried Chicken and Robert Noyce founded Intel. An average entrepreneur is 40 years old, according to data.

Success, on the other hand, can happen at any age. And a growing number of young people are defying the odds and starting their own businesses in their twenties and thirties. Even while they’re in school! Young people with huge ideas don’t have to wait till they reach adulthood before putting their plans into action. In fact, the following are ten inspiring tales to help you get started:

In the first place, Nicholas Boehnlein

As Boehnlein’s inspiring narrative demonstrates, passion and determination can triumph over age and expertise, and the youthful entrepreneur’s rising star may be seen among the more experienced experts.

Nicholas Boehnlein, an Indian-born Swiss graduate of the EU Business School, is currently one of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Ankit Chaudhari and Boehnlein co-founded Aiisma, one of the world’s first data marketplaces that is successfully transforming consumer data into important, useful commercial assets.

When Boehnlein grew up in a highly competitive and entrepreneurial environment in Switzerland, motivated by his father and grandfather, he had no uncertainty about his destiny. Despite the fact that success is in his blood, he admits that the path to success “isn’t always rosy,” especially for ambitious young people competing against experienced experts.

How did he become so successful? One foot in school and one foot in the business world is an absolute necessity for a young entrepreneur, according to Boehnlein. He was able to do so by completing two online degrees in quick succession – a BS in Business Administration and an MBA – which gave him the opportunity to broaden his academic knowledge while also earning crucial real-world experience.

Keiana Cave

Cave’s tale is a testament to the fact that women can truly achieve their dreams. As a role model for females, she demonstrates that it is possible to manage high school, extracurricular activities, and a successful company.

One of Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ honorees for 2021, Cave is only 18 years old. Cave is the CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Sublima Pharmaceuticals, based in New Orleans, Louisiana. As part of its objective to provide women greater choice and control over their own bodies, the female-led firm plans to introduce the first non-hormonal birth control pill in the United States.

Even though Cave was a normal high school student, she was enthralled by nanotechnology and decided to pursue it full-time. At New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2014, NFL quarterback Drew Brees presented her with a $10,000 grant so she could pursue research into the BP Gulf oil spill, which caught the attention of Chevron.

When Cave received her $1.2 million from the partnership, she used the money to further her education at the University of Michigan, where she studied Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, and Entrepreneurship. To help women take back control of their own healthcare and bodies, Cave and her team are establishing an educational and empowerment group.


As Cleary’s inspiring tale illustrates, it’s okay to be unsure of your job goals in your teens and that making a career change can lead to becoming a young, successful entrepreneur.

New Jersey-based author of widely read articles like “7 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated” Claire Cleary Coaching is a self-improvement organisation that offers life coaching and personal training to assist women achieve their goals. Cleary is the founder of Claire Cleary Coaching. It was on Good Morning America, Fox News, and Business Talk Radio that Cleary was able to share her tale with the rest of the world about her struggles with breast cancer.

In addition, her narrative is uplifting. The fact that Cleary seemed to have it all, though, made her begin to feel “stuck,” as if she could accomplish more but didn’t know where to begin. She courageously stepped away from the security of the corporate world in order to pursue her passion for fitness, and now she is on a mission to help others achieve their aspirations as well.

It is possible to be worried, unfocused, and dissatisfied even when you are physically fit and healthy, adds Cleary, who has experienced this. Currently, Cleary is one of only 300 certified High Performance Life Coaches in the world and a National Academy of Sports Medicine-trained personal trainer, behaviour change specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and performance enhancement specialist.

In fourth place is Henry Burner,

As Burner’s inspiring storey shows, not even a learning impediment can stand in the way of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. You don’t have to be a straight-A student to start a great firm from the ground up, as he is.

While still in school, Henry Burner has already had a remarkable entrepreneurial experience, having gone from a normal high school student to the CEO of a company that supplies Walmart in just a few short years. His family helped him create Buttonsmith, an online shop that sells pinback buttons in a variety of designs, including political pins and buttons inspired by great artists like Van Gogh and Monet, in 2013.

Burner’s storey is even more inspiring because the young entrepreneur has a long history of academic difficulties. Burner was diagnosed with dyslexia and was concerned about his future. When he discovered that he had a business-minded mind at an early age, the young child began selling his buttons at a local farmer’s market before branching out into eCommerce with his own website.

In 2015, Burner’s business took off thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Tinker Reel badge reels are currently available in 1600 Walmart stores across the United States, where Buttonsmith has a real store. While still in school, Burner manages 18 people and is an encouragement to others who think they can’t succeed despite their academic difficulties.

Espen Larsen-Hakkebo

The inspiring narrative of Larsen-Hakkebo demonstrates that despite the difficulties, it is worthwhile to persevere. Since the beginning, he and his co-owners have built a successful tourism business.

One of Brim Explorer’s co-founders is Agnes Arnadottir. The company offers journeys aboard a silent, pollution-free, hybrid-electric yacht named Brim Explorer. It was in front of Norway’s King Harald II at the Nor-Shipping awards in 2019 that Larsen-Hakkebo and Arnadottir were named Young Entrepreneurs of the Year.

It wasn’t always like this, though. Following graduation from the University of Oslo in Norway with a Bachelor’s in European Studies and a Master’s degree in Innovation and Technology, Larsen-Hakkebo worked as a public affairs consultant and as the Project Manager for the political youth organisation Jeunes Europeens Federalistes before discovering his passion for sustainable tourism in his 30s.

While speaking with Nor-Shipping, he described his entrepreneurial experience as “a little war,” emphasising the importance of early-stage funding from ENOVA and Innovation Norway in order to get the company off the ground. The company had to wait two years before they received their first ship. Despite her age, Larsen-Hakkebo shows that it’s never too late to pursue your goals and make a change in your life.

In sixth place is Jack Parsons.

If Parsons’ inspiring storey is any indication, it is that where you start from does not have to influence where you go. Parsons, who himself was once a vulnerable adolescent, is now a mentor to those going through similar experiences.

20-something The Youth Group, a global project established in the UK that assists young people in their pursuit of their greatest potential, was founded and is led by Jack Parsons. His own experience as a vulnerable young person is what makes Parsons so inspiring. He had a terrible childhood and didn’t receive adequate school help. He is now the CEO of a company that employs more than 155 employees.

The benefit of learning from failure became clear to Parsons at the age of 26, and he was inspired to use his own experiences to help others. He started The Youth Group to help those without academic credentials establish professional networks and find work, apprenticeships, and internships. The effort has already benefitted 1 million people around the world.

What advice does Parsons have for aspiring entrepreneurs? Focus. To stay focused on what you’re doing and not become sidetracked, it’s critical to stay in the current now and focus on what you’re doing. His success is due in large part to his insistence on taking things slowly and keeping his eye on the prize.

Mariia Plotkina is number seven.

Plotkina’s inspiring storey demonstrates that a single person can have a significant impact. As a result of her gutsy decision to take action, the young entrepreneur is helping to transform Russian education.

Since launching Geek Teachers in her home Russia in 2018, Mariia Plotkina has been awarded by Youth Business International as Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Europe). Plotkina received a grant of $5000 from Citi Foundation in 2020 to further expand her business, which offers online training to assist instructors in integrating modern technologies into their classrooms.

Graphic design is where Plotkina’s career began, and she eventually transitioned into teaching. Even as a young teacher of computer science at an elementary school in Russia, she became disenchanted with what she saw as a ‘deflated’ national education system. With no prior expertise in the business world, Plotkina founded an innovative company… all before the age of 30.

More than 40,000 people in Russia have enrolled in Plotkina’s online training workshops, in which the former instructor helps them grow their confidence with new technology. It’s still early for Plotkina’s business and she has great hopes for expansion into the United States and the creation of a “exchange programme” with American businesses.

In the eighth position, Fung Lam

Lam’s inspiring storey demonstrates the power of little beginnings. He’s a living example of how even the tiniest actions toward your goals may lay the groundwork for long-term success and progress.

Melbourne-based Fung Lam, who is only 30, has already been named Australia’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and is included in Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest young people. For more than a decade, Lam has been the driving force behind the success of New Aim, a small company that has grown into one of Australia’s largest internet retailers, with an annual revenue of more than $300 million.

In 2003, Lam graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree. With the use of the internet and his expertise in information technology, Lam was able to upsell things from Melbourne’s two-dollar businesses on eBay for a profit. Lam, a native of China, tapped into the country’s product-sourcing networks to grow his firm without any outside capital.

In Lam’s opinion, what is the most difficult component of transitioning from graduate to CEO? Assisting others. When it comes to data, “feeling does not change what it says. You must know why individuals think the way they do in order to fully comprehend human behaviour. Today, Lam’s company employs more than 300 people and sells thousands of things, including equipment and furniture, on online markets like Amazon.

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