Olivia Munn Breast Cancer: A Journey Through Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Olivia Munn Breast Cancer
Olivia Munn Breast Cancer

Olivia Munn, a gifted actress and advocate, recently recounted her extremely personal experience with breast cancer. In an emotional Instagram post, she discussed her diagnosis, treatment, and the need for early detection. Let’s go into Olivia’s journey and raise awareness about breast cancer.

Olivia Munn Breast Cancer

Olivia Munn, known for her appearances in “The Newsroom” and “Six,” confirmed her breast cancer diagnosis via Instagram.


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Despite having a normal mammogram and negative results for 90 cancer genes, including the well-known BRCA gene, Munn was diagnosed with Luminal B carcinoma in both breasts. This aggressive, fast-moving disease was found early because her doctor calculated her “Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score,” which took into account her age and familial breast cancer history.

Treatment Journey

Munn underwent a double mastectomy 30 days after her diagnosis. In the last ten months, she has undergone four surgeries. Munn described this era as a learning experience, saying she had learned more about cancer, cancer treatment, and hormones than she could have anticipated.

Olivia Munn Breast Cancer 

Emotional Resilience

Despite the obstacles, Munn has demonstrated tremendous perseverance. She stated that she had only sobbed twice since her diagnosis, saying, “I guess I haven’t felt like there was time to cry”.

Advocacy and Awareness

Munn has utilized her position to promote awareness about breast cancer and the need for early detection. She encouraged women to contact their doctors to calculate their Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score. Munn believes that this assessment saved her life and wishes the same for any other lady who may face a similar situation in the future.

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Olivia Munn’s breast cancer journey demonstrates the need for early detection and proactive health precautions. Her experience serves as a reminder of the strength of resilience and the significance of speaking up for one’s health.

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