Nicolette Unruh Cause of Death: A Tribute to Her Legacy and Life

Nicolette Unruh Cause of Death
Nicolette Unruh Cause of Death

Nicolette Unruh-Uhl, 36, was the co-owner and managing partner of Nico’s Little Italy in Manhattan. She died tragically near Manhattan, and the cause of her death is being investigated.

Nico’s Little Italy, an Italian restaurant linked with Martinelli’s Little Italy in Salina, was temporarily shuttered following her death. Nicolette was instrumental in the restaurant’s recent expansion, which included the Lazio Room and increased dining capacity.

She shared a home with her husband, Nate Uhl, at 7250 Troy Road. The community mourns the passing of a beloved person while waits for more details from the ongoing investigation. Scroll down to learn more about Nicolette Unruh’s cause of death.

Nicolette Unruh Cause of Death

Nicolette Unruh, the 36-year-old proprietor of Nico’s Little Italy in Aggieville, died on Friday, leaving a void in the town. Her restaurant, which was a longstanding ambition of hers, will be closed until November 15, allowing time for grieving and memory.

Nicolette Unruh Cause of Death
Nicolette Unruh Cause of Death

Nicolette’s ambition of owning her own restaurant became a reality, a journey she shared with her close friend Skyler Wikoff, Nico’s Little Italy’s service manager.

Her parents, Dale and Bernadette Unruh, her husband Nathan “Nate” Uhl, her stepson Tristen Uhl, and her siblings, Adam Unruh, Grant Unruh, and Danette Unruh, survive her. Her grandparents, Wynona Unruh and Carol Pachta, as well as her in-laws, Bobby and Patricia Uhl, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, all lament her death.

Thursday’s visitation will take place at St. Thomas More Catholic Church from 5-7 p.m., and a prayer will follow at 7 p.m.

The funeral will take place at the same church on Friday at 10 a.m., and the burial will take place at the Bergthal Mennonite Cemetery on Saturday at 11 a.m. The community comes together to honor Nicolette Unruh and the remarkable impact she had in her all-too-brief life.

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How did Nicolette Unruh Die?

Nicolette Unruh-Uhl, 36, the co-owner of Nico’s Little Italy, died near Manhattan. The specific reason of her death has not yet been revealed because authorities are examining the circumstances. The community mourns her death, and more information regarding her death is awaited from the ongoing investigation.

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