“Wonder Man”: Ben Kingsley Will Reprise His Mcu Role In Disney+

Variety has learned exclusively from sources that Ben Kingsley is set to return as Trevor Slattery in the upcoming Wonder Man series from Marvel Studios at Disney+.

In June, it was originally announced that the show was in production. The main subject will be Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man, from the Marvel comics. Williams is the fictional son of a wealthy businessman whose business struggles as a result of rivalry with Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. Williams later agrees to the offer made by the villain Baron Zemo, which grants him superhuman ionic abilities like tremendous strength and durability. Wonder Man eventually joined the Avengers’ ranks after engaging them on multiple occasions.

Given that Slattery is a failed actor and Wonder Man has worked as both an actor and a stuntman in the comics, Kingsley’s reappearance as Slattery gives credibility to claims that the show is meant to be a Hollywood satire. It’s unclear how Kingsley would fit into the series’ storyline or how many episodes he would appear in, but sources claim he would have a significant impact.

Kingsley’s representatives declined to comment. Marvel Studios doesn’t offer any commentary on ongoing projects.

In “Iron Man 3,” Kingsley played Slattery for the first time. Slattery has been cast as The Mandarin, a terrorist leader in that movie, but his real identity is eventually uncovered, and he is caught. Later, he had an appearance in the short film “All Hail the King,” which depicts Slattery in prison before being let out by a Mandarin-related agent. In the most current film adaptation of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” Kingsley plays Slattery. The Mandarin, Shang-father Chi’s Xu Wenwu, kidnapped him and kept him alive as a type of court jester. He eventually gets away with the aid of Shang-Chi and his friends, who then use his assistance to beat Wenwu.

Kingsley will work once more with the director and co-writer of “Shang-Chi, Destin Daniel Cretton, who will also serve as executive producer and co-creator of the Wonder Man series.

Kingsley is regarded as one of the greatest actors of the contemporary era and is most known for his work in the movies Gandhi, Sexy Beast, House of Sand and Fog, Bugsy, and Schindler’s List. For the first four of the aforementioned movies, he received Academy Award nominations, and for “Gandhi,” he took home the best actor prize. He has also been in contemporary programs like the Netflix adaptation of “Watership Down” and the Epix neo-noir series “Perpetual Grace Ltd.” He has also been nominated for an Emmy four times.

CAA, Independent Talent Group, and Goodman Genow are Kingsley’s agents.

The Wonder Man show’s head writer will be Andrew Guest. Along with being the series’ co-creator with Guest, Cretton will also serve as its executive producer and conceivably its director. The news that Cretton would return to direct and write the sequel to “Shang-Chi” came at the same time as the announcement of his overall contract with Marvel Studios and Onyx Collective.



What abilities does Wonder Man have?

Strengths and skills
Simon Williams developed superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes as a result of chemical and radiation treatments using “ionic” energy administered by Baron Zemo.

Is Wonder Man a Strong Man?

Strength: Wonder Man has superhuman strength that allows him to lift (press) 95 tonnes under ideal circumstances. Wonder Man is known for having superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and the ability to fly.

Is Wonder Man a good guy or a bad guy?

One of Marvel’s first characters, Wonder Man made his debut in the pages of Avengers No. 9 in 1964. In the early Marvel Age, he was initially a villain and very sometimes showed up; however, in the late 1970s, he was reimagined as a hero (and an Avenger).

How does vision connect to Wonder Man?

J.A.R.V.I.S. software serves as the foundation of Vision’s thinking in the MCU. In contrast, Vision is actually modeled around Wonder Man’s brainwaves in comic books. As a result of their shared brainwaves, Wonder Man nearly saw Vision as a sibling.