22 Year Old Woman Dies In Us After Blizzard Traps Her in Car for 18 Hours

woman dies in blizzard

One of the people who died in the historic blizzard that hit the Buffalo, New York, area over the holiday weekend was a woman from North Carolina.

Anndel Taylor, who lives in Charlotte and is 22 years old, was driving home from work in Buffalo when her car got stuck in the snow, according to Wsoc-TV, an ABC affiliate.

The report says that Taylor’s family thinks she was stuck in her car for 18 hours before she died. Her death occurs not long before she turns 23.

The Outlet learned about “A Lot of Tears Have Been Shed” from Taylor’s sister, Shawnequa Brown.

At least 27 people in Buffalo died because of the storm, and Taylor is one of them. At least 50 people across the country have died.

Mark Poloncarz, the head of New York’s Erie County, said on Monday that some people died because emergency workers were slowed down by the storm as they tried to reach people who were stuck in cold weather.

WSOC said that Taylor’s family thinks she is one of those victims. They said that when her car got stuck in the snow, she called 911, but no one came to help.

Taylor’s sister, Tomeshia Brown, told The Outlet, “I feel like everyone who tried to get to her got stuck.” “The fire department, the police, and everyone else got stuck.”

According to the Wsoc report, Taylor told her family in a group chat that it was snowing quickly and showed them a video of snow on her car windows.

Brown said, “She was telling my sister that she was scared.”

Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, told The Outlet that her daughter planned to walk home after spending the night in her car because of the storm.

She thinks Taylor died from too much carbon monoxide. According to the report, Steele said, “The car was running, and the snow was still falling, so it clogged the pipes, the exhaust pipe.”

“After the car broke down,” she said, “she froze up.”

Since Taylor, who was only 22, died suddenly, more than $15,000 has been raised for his family through the website GoFundMe.

“As you all may know, one of my daughters, our sister, and your friend died by accident in a blizzard in Buffalo, New York, on December 23rd and 24th,” Taylor’s sister wrote on the fundraising site. “She was stuck in her car for hours or days, so snow kept piling up on it, making it impossible for her to get out.” “We’re trying to put together services to say our last goodbyes.”

Shawnequa Brown added, “Anything and everything you do to help us will be very much appreciated.”

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