Orlando Euell: Who Was He? Here’s To Know About The Orlando Euell Murder Case

Orlando Euell was discovered shot and lying in a pool of his own blood near 25th and Pierce in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in May 2019. Despite the efforts of first responders to save his life, he was declared dead at the scene. According to reports, Euell was killed by a single gunshot wound during a botched drug deal.

Keaira Walker, a woman, was soon charged with Euell’s murder. Walker pled guilty in March 2020 and is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence.

Who Was Orland Euell?

Orlando Euell, the victim of the tragic incident that occurred in May 2019, was a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Orlando Euell was a very private man who kept to himself, according to reports and statements from people who knew him.

People who knew him said that despite being such a private person, Orlando Euell was a good man who would do everything he could to help someone. People who knew Orlando Euell remember him as a very generous and caring man who was well-liked by his small circle of acquaintances.

How Did Orlando Euell Die?

Orlando Euell Murder Case

A 911 call was used to notify authorities of Orlando Euell’s death. Officers received information about a possible murder near 225th and Pierce. When they arrived, they discovered Orlando Euell’s body lying in a pool of blood on the ground.

According to the police’s initial report, Orlando Euell was declared dead at the time of their arrival. Following further investigation and examination, the cause of Orlando Euell’s death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the neck.

The police also stated that Orlando Euell was shot at close range. The gunshot wound appeared to indicate that Orlando Euell was attempting to flee from his assailant when he was shot in the back. The autopsy on Orlando Euell showed that he died from a single gunshot wound to the neck.

Who killed Orlando Euell?

The answer to the question of who killed Orlando Euell was not as simple as the police expected. Because the victim was known to be a good man who was friendly with almost everyone, the police were left with no adversary to begin the investigation.

The police were further perplexed and felt it would be difficult to pursue the case because they were unable to find a single witness who could account for the events that led to Orlando Euell’s death.

Even after investigating the scene of the murder and its surroundings in an attempt to find a witness, the police failed miserably. Due to these difficulties, the investigation lacked the necessary tempo in its early stages.

However, while investigating the surrounding area, the police made a breakthrough. They found a few CCTV cameras in the area that could help them figure out where Orlando Euell went in his last hours.

The police were successful in their mission because they discovered a sliver of breakthrough evidence that assisted them in narrowing down a possible suspect in the case. While reviewing the CCTV footage, police discovered that Orlando Euell had been driven around in a car in the hours leading up to his shooting.

The vehicle was identified as a Pontiac G6. The police deduced from the available footage that Orlando was picked up from a gas station at South 27th and National Avenue in Milwaukee.

With such vital information, the police concluded that one of the passengers in the car was responsible for Orlando Euell’s death. The police were able to track down the owner of the Pontiac G6, who was identified as 22-year-old Keaira Walker. Looking into Keaira’s profile, it was discovered that she was a small-time drug dealer.

Witnesses And Arrest 

According to the victim’s statement, Orlando Euell approached Keaira in her car earlier that day and informed her that he would be receiving $200 later that day and that he wanted to buy drugs from her once he received the money. Keaira then picked up Orlando from the gas station.

After getting into her car, Orlando stated that he wanted to purchase drugs for $40 rather than the entire $200. Keaira misunderstood the deal earlier and assumed she would receive the entire $200.

Orlando stood firm in his decision and stated unequivocally that he did not intend to spend the entire sum. They got into a verbal spat, and Keaira eventually pulled out the gun to threaten Orlando Euell.

The gun accidentally discharged during their altercation, resulting in Orlando’s death. After Orlando fell out of the car after she was shot, Keaira drove away in her car.

Orlando Euell Murder Case

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