Meet Tracy Edwards: Why Tracy Edwards is Arrested 20 Years After Surviving From Jeffrey Dahmer

who is tracy edwards and where is he now
who is tracy edwards and where is he now

The case of Wisconsin vs. Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most terrifying criminal cases in American history. People often say that this case is the police’s biggest missed opportunity to catch the “Milwaukee Monster” on time. Before Jeffrey’s arrest in July 1991, the American serial killer killed 17 people and ate some of their body parts.

But Tracy Edwards was the only one who was able to get away from Jeffrey, who wanted to eat his heart and then cut him up. The first episode of the new Netflix show “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” tells the story of Tracy, who got away from Dahmer alive and helped the police catch him. So where is this person now, and why was he locked up? Learn all about him by reading on.

Who’s Tracy Edwards?

Tracy Edwards is known for helping Dahmer, who killed at least 17 men and boys in Wisconsin and Ohio, get away. In 1991, Dahmer had Edwards over to watch The Exorcist and drink beer one night.

Dahmer quickly put the man in handcuffs and threatened to kill him with a knife. Edwards said that Dahmer took him to his bedroom and told him he wanted to eat his heart. After getting away from the killer, he told the police about him.

When police found the bodies of more than one man, they quickly arrested Dahmer. After the events, Edwards sued the Milwaukee court because, he said, they didn’t follow up on earlier leads about Dahmer.

The case was thrown out. Since then, Edwards has been arrested for stealing and having drugs in his possession, among other things.

He is said to have been living on the streets since at least 2002.

A judge in Milwaukee County Circuit Court sentenced him to one and a half years in prison and two years of extended supervision in 2012 because he was involved in an argument that led to the death of a homeless man.

Jeffrey Resists Arrest

On the night of July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards led the police to Jeffrey’s apartment. Jeffrey asked them to come inside and admitted that he had put handcuffs on Edwards, but he didn’t say why. When Officer Mueller went into his room, he found a big knife hidden behind the bed.

He even found Polaroid photos, many of which showed parts of the body being cut off. Mueller confirmed that they were both taken to the same apartment.

At this point, Dahmer started fighting with both officers to avoid being arrested. However, the police were able to handcuff this serial killer and call for help. During their investigation, police found the head of a black man that had just been cut off. After being taken into custody, Jeffrey said, “I should be dead for what I did.”

Jeffrey Dahmer kept seven painted and bleached skulls, two human hearts, a piece of arm muscle, a torso, and a bag of human organs, according to a thorough search. Investigators also found skeletons, cut-off hands, and men’s and boys’ penises that had been kept in jars. The most famous serial killer in America was finally caught.

What Happened To Tracy Edwards?

Tracy Edwards, who was a key part of Jeffrey’s arrest, got in trouble with the police 10 years later. Tracy was accused of pushing Johnny Jordan off a bridge in Milwaukee.

Tracy was sentenced to a year and a half in prison and two years of extended supervision for the death of Johnny Jordan after pleading guilty to helping a criminal. Edwards was also charged with “theft, drug possession, property damage, and failing to pay child support” by the police.

Where Currently Is Tracy Edwards?

At the time of his arrest, Tracy was 52 years old and living on the streets. Since then, it has been said that he has moved from one shelter to another. At the moment, no one knows what Tracy Edwards is doing.

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