Florida Man Arrested For Posting ‘mass Murder Coming Soon’ On Twitch

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The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says that another Twitch user in the same chat told the FBI about the comments after Schoonmaker posted “Mass Murder Coming Soon.”

He is said to have written, “Today I’m going to kill 20 people.” Have a nice day,” and that he wanted to “destroy the world.”

A Twitch viewer is arrested after the FBI gets a tip.

After the tip was given to the FBI, detectives looked into the account and found its IP address. It didn’t take long for them to figure out who the account was for and where he lived in Boca Raton.

Schoonmaker said that the Twitch account was his and that he made the “stupid comments,” but he denied that the threats were real.

Schoonmaker said that when he said the disturbing things, he was drunk and sad. The user claimed that the passing of his grandfather was the reason behind his desire to commit suicide.

He then said that he no longer wanted to hurt himself and that he didn’t own any guns.

He was arrested on December 14 and is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail. He has been charged with making threats in writing to kill or hurt someone.

Nobody knows what Streamer Schoonmaker was saying when he made the threats or if his account has been banned on the platform.

This isn’t the first time someone on Twitch has been accused of threatening someone else. Zelda Speedrunner Narcissawright, who used to go by the name Cosmowright, tweeted earlier this year that she wanted to “shoot people at the Twitch HQ” because she had been kicked off the site.

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