Who Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Neighbor Glenda Cleveland And Where Is She Now?

Where Is Glenda Cleveland Now
Where Is Glenda Cleveland Now

At the end of Episode Two of Netflix‘s true crime show “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a real 911 call to the Milwaukee police department is played.

Glenda Cleveland, played by Niecy Nash on the show, is speaking on the phone. Cleveland was a real woman, and if the police on the other end of that phone call in 1991 had listened to her, they might have been able to catch serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer sooner.

Dahmer was found guilty of killing 15 boys and men between 1978 and 1991. He also said he killed two more people. He died in prison in 1994. After Cleveland called 911 for the first time, Dahmer killed five people.

Even though Cleveland did make that phone call, the movie “Monster” exaggerates how close she was to Dahmer. Here’s what you need to know about the real Cleveland, including what happened to her.

Jeffrey Dahmer Wasn’t Really Living Next Door To Glenda Cleveland. He Gave Another Person A Meat Sandwich

In the Netflix show, Glenda lives next door to Dahmer. But in real life, Cleveland lived in a building next door, according to her obituary in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Pamela and Vernell Bass lived right next door to Dahmer at the Oxford apartments in Milwaukee.

In a 1991 article in the Baltimore Sun, Pamela said that she “stuffed towels under her door” to keep the smell from Dahmer’s apartment out (another neighbor, Nanetta Lowery, moved out of the building after a month).

Does Pamela say that Dahmer’s explanation for the smell is? She told the L.A. Times in 1991 that he told her his freezer had broken and that the meat in it had gone bad, so he was getting rid of it.

In an Associated Press story, Vernall said that he was “weird.” Pamela said, “I used to hear him over there talking to himself, swearing to himself, and talking really loud. I knew he didn’t have anyone over there.”

Bass said in the documentary “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files” that Dahmer once gave her a meat sandwich with meat from who knows where.

“I probably ate a body part of someone,” Bass said. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that the building where Dahmer lived and killed people was torn down in 1992.

However, Cleveland Did Dial 911 Regarding Konerak Sinthasomphone’s. The Niece Of Cleveland Recounts The Story

On May 27, 1991, the daughter of Cleveland, Sandra Smith, and her niece, Nicole Childress, found a nude, delirious 14-year-old boy wandering through the streets of Milwaukee.

This 14-year-old was Laotian immigrant Konerak Sinthasomphone, whom Dahmer would later murder. According to the FBI, Dahmer was convicted of second-degree assault for abusing Sinthasomphone’s brother in 1989, served a year in a work release camp, and was freed in 1990. In addition, he was placed on five years of probation.

In her book “Divine Providence: Finding Purpose in the In-Between,” Childress describes the event in depth. Childress told Smith to wait with the youngster (Sinthasomphone) while she hurried to a pay phone and called the police, stating that she had seen a young man who was “butt naked” and “needed assistance.”

From afar, she observed a man attempting to abduct a naked youngster, saying that “it did not look right, feel right, or sound right at all.” Dahmer was the man she observed.

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