Whatsapp Will Now Allow Users To Use Any Emoji As A Reaction

Whatsapp Will Now Enable Users To Add Any Emoji They Like As A Reaction
Whatsapp Will Now Enable Users To Add Any Emoji They Like As A Reaction

If you wanted more options to reply to messages in your WhatsApp conversations, here they are:

The Reactions feature on WhatsApp has been extended, and users may now choose any emoji they want to use as a Reaction in their conversation threads.

Reactions within group chats were first introduced by WhatsApp in May, and since then, the feature’s access has been gradually expanded. Although Reactions may seem like a carbon copy of other apps, many users now use them as a habit, therefore it serves WhatsApp’s interests to encourage this behaviour in its interaction options.

With the new method, users can now add more Reactions by hitting the “+” button at the conclusion of the Reactions display. You can then respond with any emoji you like from there.

It’s a tiny upgrade, but as mentioned, the increased capacity will enable more engagement possibilities within the app as Reactions become a more automatic and habitual response option for users.

Additionally, it might introduce fresh ideas for brand encounters, adding a little spice to them. Emojis can be used in inventive ways, or you can invite customers to answer to you with various emojis as part of your outreach to elicit a distinct response.

All WhatsApp users will start receiving the update starting today.

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