Whatsapp Communities Feature Is Currently Accessible To Beta Users

Whatsapp Communities
  • In the Android WhatsApp beta version, WhatsApp Communities have been discovered.
  • Using this feature, you can combine up to 10 groups with 512 members each to create a community.
  • Based on their interests, users can select which sub-group they’d like to join and leave it without leaving the community.

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled WhatsApp Communities earlier this year and stated that it is now being tested along with a number of other features. As the name implies, this WhatsApp feature enables you to assemble various groups into a single community. Although it would be a huge addition to WhatsApp’s arsenal of useful features, the firm aims to gradually roll it out to everyone. Since that time, we haven’t heard anything regarding this WhatsApp function. But according to a recent tip from WhatsApp feature tracker WABetainfo, some beta users may have seen a feature that allows them to build WhatsApp Communities.

Feature of WhatsApp Communities

The post claims that the option to build WhatsApp Communities would be available to users of the Android beta version of the WhatsApp application. In the screenshot included in the report, the camera tab has been replaced by a Communities tab. The next step is the addition of up to 10 groups, also known as sub-groups, each with a maximum of 512 people. If you don’t see this option, the report advises quitting the app and starting it again.

Depending on their interests, users can select which sub-group they’d want to join. If they change their minds, they can quit the sub-group without leaving the community. When necessary, administrators have the option of turning off the community. On the other hand, if the community breaks its terms of service, users can report the community.

WhatsApp automatically generates an announcement group when a user starts a community, allowing admins to post messages that are seen by everyone in the community. According to the post, WhatsApp is striving to make subgroup members’ contact information more private. However, the current version of the app does not have this function.

This feature of WhatsApp is also in beta, like many others, and its wider rollout has not been announced. We anticipate seeing this functionality in a public release soon, though, as beta users are already able to utilize it.


A WhatsApp community is what is it.

WhatsApp Communities Feature: After months of anticipation, beta testers are now able to use WhatsApp’s new Communities feature, which enables you to form smaller groups within bigger groups.

How do I utilize WhatsApp Communities?

In WhatsApp, group chats can have a maximum of 256 participants and you need someone’s phone number to add them. But now, thousands of users will be able to join a community that offers numerous sub-group chats thanks to a Communities tab that is rolling out to a small number of groups.

Whatsapp has a community, right?

According to a blog post by WhatsApp, each WhatsApp Community includes a variety of group chats on certain subjects, such as those for school parents, teams of humanitarian assistance workers, or restaurant personnel.

Are there public groups on WhatsApp?

If you use WhatsApp, you can only search for private or public groups if you are already a member of them. On the other hand, unless the admin issues you an invitation, it is impossible to find a private or public group that you are not a member of.