Health Concerns Sparked by Paul Gosar’s During Oversight Hearing Swaying

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Paul Gosar, a Republican congressman from Arizona, raised health issues and general unease after acting strangely during a committee meeting on Tuesday morning.

In its first meeting on border security, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability heard testimony from two border patrol leaders from the Tucson and Rio Grande Valley sectors. During the interrogation, Gosar was charged with repeating white nationalist conspiracies about border “invasions” and the “great replacement.”

However, one specific feature of his appearance at the meeting raised questions about his well-being and fueled rumors about potential health issues. Gosar appeared to be shifting in his seat compulsively while speaking, rocking his head back and forth.

One Twitter user using the handle Nene accused Republicans of being hypocritical for downplaying any potential health issues with Gosar while raising them during the senator’s bid for reelection in Pennsylvania in 2022.

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The user stated, “So many questioned John Fetterman’s health, though. Republicans have been remarkably silent on Paul Gosar’s health, even though no one’s health should be made fun of.

According to user “Benevolent,” Paul Gosar “opted to recite outrageous headlines from Fox, which we know is not a news network.” “What’s up with his bobblehead, too? Tell me I’m mistaken when you hear him talk.”

Another user, Grant Herbert, stated, “Paul Gosar has major physical and mental difficulties that should disqualify him from holding political office.”

“Paul Gosar has serious physical and mental issues that should preclude him from holding elected office. His family regularly tells us that Paul Gosar is a fucking idiot!”

— Grant Herbert (@grant_herbert17) February 7, 2023

Over the years, Gosar has refuted allegations concerning his health, declaring in 2015 that he is “as healthy as a horse.” He had reportedly “tried to disguise spasms in his left hand for months by tucking his hands in his pockets, under tables, or gripping them behind his back,” according to AZCentral at the time.

Gosar went on to say that the problems with his hand were caused by his arthritis and two compressed vertebrae in his neck and lower back. In addition, he was coping with hip replacement surgical difficulties.

When asked at the time if his health would prohibit him from running for reelection in 2016, he responded, “Not going to get rid of me that quickly.”

If these prior problems have anything to do with Gosar’s movements on Tuesday is unclear. Political journalist Keith Olbermann accused him of using narcotics during an appearance in July 2021 when he called him out for similar wobbling.

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