What Happened to Mark Andrews? A Crucial Moment for the Ravens!

what happened to mark andrews
what happened to mark andrews

Mark Andrews, a highly regarded tight end with the Baltimore Ravens, has had a difficult time recently as a result of injuries that have hindered his effectiveness and his presence on the field. This article is a comprehensive analysis of the recent occurrences that have had an impact on Andrews as well as his position with the Ravens.

What Happened to Mark Andrews?

The Ravens scored on their opening drive against the Bengals, but the celebrations were cut short due to Mark Andrews’ injury. Baltimore drove all the way to the red zone after Lamar Jackson fired a ball to his tight end from the 25-yard line. He gained nine yards before being tackled from behind one yard shy of the first down.

what happened to mark andrews

The Bengals defense fell on his left ankle, presumably twisting it, during a hip drop tackle. Andrews went down instantly on the field, and it seemed like his teammates were anticipating the worst. As teammates crowded around him, Jackson removed his helmet.

The good news is that the tight end was able to stand up and walk off the field on his own. He did not, however, return for the Ravens’ second drive, and it was subsequently reported that the player was out with a left ankle injury.

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Mark Andrews’s Injury Updates

Mark Andrews was wearing a cast on his damaged leg and walked on crutches, according to what was mentioned during the program. He was escorted by the orthopedic surgeon and was unable to put any weight on his wounded ankle while being carried to the X-Ray room.

While the entire nature of his injuries will be revealed in the following days, his value to the club was instantly obvious. The Ravens scored a touchdown on their first possession with him being mostly available before being hurt. However, without him, they were unable to gain any ground and were forced to kick the ball.

Even with Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers available, Mark Andrews remains Lamar Jackson’s go-to man.

This will also enhance the backlash against the hip-drop tackle. Last season, when Tony Pollard was hurt during the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, there was a controversy regarding whether similar efforts should be prohibited. However, many fans and players believed that doing so would make it hard for many defenders to stop attacking players.

Others would argue that in sports like rugby union and rugby league, the emphasis is on excellent tackling technique, and hip-drop tackles are not required to impede attackers’ forward momentum. Right now, every Ravens fan is praying that Mark Andrews is just out for one game and not for the season.

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