‘Venom 3’: Kelly Marcel Set to Direct Next Installment Starring Tom Hardy

‘Venom 3’: Kelly Marcel Set to Direct Next Installment Starring Tom Hardy
‘Venom 3’: Kelly Marcel Set to Direct Next Installment Starring Tom Hardy

Kelly Marcel, who previously wrote and produced the first two Venom movies, is now prepared to take the helm of Marvel and Sony Pictures’ Venom 3, which stars Tom Hardy, according to sources.

Along with writing the screenplay from a story, they both contributed, Marcel and Hardy, will also produce. Additionally producing are Hutch Parker, Amy Pascal, Matt Tolmach, and Avi Arad.

The only known plot details are that Hardy will reprise his role as Venom, the deadly protector after the first two movies earned a combined $1.36 billion at the global box office.

It is also unknown if any characters from the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters will appear in the movie or who will be joining Hardy from his previous movies.

Ruben Fleischer directed the first movie, and Andy Serkis directed the most recent one, but Marcel was there from the beginning as Venom’s journey was being planned out.

According to insiders, Hardy and Marcel have always agreed on how to shape Venom’s story, and going into the final chapter, the two were on the same page as to where they wanted to go.

Earlier this year, Hardy revealed on his social media accounts that Marcel was once again working on the script. According to sources, as the two were developing the plot, it became obvious that Marcel should take over directing duties as well.

Prior to helping launch the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise by penning the first installment in the series, Marcel was best known for being one of the creators of the Venom universe. WME and Casarotto Ramsay & Associates are her agents.

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