UK Student Arrested On Charges Of Assault And Using Racial Slur!

An undergraduate at the University of Kentucky has been detained for allegedly verbally and physically attacking another student.

UK Student Arrested On Charges Of Assault And Using Racial Slur!

Kentucky college student accused of assault, racial slurs |

Sophia Rosing has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including assault, public intoxication, disorderly behavior, and assault on a police officer.

Rosing was apprehended by UK authorities, according to his arrest records. She was first identified only as “Jane Doe” when she was processed into the Fayette County Jail.

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U.K. student accused of assault after allegedly using a racial slur

UK student arrested on accusations of assault, using racial slur

There is no video evidence online showing Rosing physically assaulting a student working as a desk clerk in the school hostel. Rosing appears to try to run the student over with a shopping cart in the building lobby at one point in the footage.

In addition, Rosing uses the n-word almost two hundred times. Rosing said officers she “had lots of money and gets special treatment” according to her arrest citation. The citation also claimed that she bit and kicked a police officer during her detention.

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The United Kingdom has issued a statement indicating they are conducting an investigation. The president of the United Kingdom, Eli Capilouto, has called the behavior depicted in the video “very opposed to what we are and what we always aim to be as a community.” The institution is currently looking into the matter.

Monday afternoon is Rosing’s arraignment date in court.

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