Tufts Medical Center Fires A Doctor Who Was Charged With Attempted Sex Trafficking!

Tufts Medical Center Fires A Doctor Who Was Charged With Attempted S*x Trafficking: On Friday, Tufts Medical Center said that it had terminated the employment of Dr. Sadeq A. Quraishi, an anesthesiologist who had been charged with attempted s*x trafficking after he reportedly agreed to meet with a 14-year-old girl for s*x in exchange for $250.

Tufts Medical Center Fires A Doctor Who Was Charged With Attempted S*x Trafficking!

Tufts Medical Center Fires Doctor Arrested in Child Sex Trafficking Bust – NBC Boston

In response to allegations that he had agreed to bribe an undercover federal agent acting as the mother of a teenage girl, the Boston hospital had placed Quraishi on leave the day before.

According to a statement released by Tufts Medical Center, “since we have gathered additional information regarding the serious claims made against Dr. Quraishi, we have made the decision to cease his employment, effective immediately.”

Affidavit presented in federal court by Homeland Security Investigations states that Quraishi was arrested on Wednesday when he arrived at a hotel intending to pay the mother and meet the girl. On Thursday, he was denied bail in advance of a detention hearing set for Tuesday.

“Dr. Quraishi emphatically denies the claims that have been made against him,” Boston attorney Daniel J. Gaudet said in a statement released Thursday.

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On Friday, in response to Quraishi’s dismissal, Gaudet confirmed his client’s innocence.

In a statement, he called Tufts Medical Center‘s move to terminate Dr. Quraishi “a drastic, hasty decision” made without waiting for the outcome of his case in court. This accusation has no merit, and Dr. Quraishi should be treated as such.

According to the affidavit, the woman who Quraishi met online advertised that she was taking “two magnificent flowers that are ready to bloom” with her on her trip. The HSI agent posing as the “mother” allegedly told Quraishi that she had two kids, aged 14 and 12.

It’s like, “Uh… you a cop?” The affidavit claims that Quraishi gave a response. “No way. The agent responded, “We’re simply trying to make a living the best way we know how.” So, “ok, ok,” is what he supposedly said in response. with No desire to go through with an arrest today. Following his detention, Quraishi “said he had purchased s*x in the past,” as stated in the affidavit.

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According to the Board of Registration in Medicine, the Tufts Medical Center website, and Quraishi’s LinkedIn profile, he is an anesthesiologist, intensivist, and clinical nutrition specialist at Tufts.

According to his medical licensing board, he earned his M.D. from Penn State in 2004 and completed a two-year anesthesiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University.

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