The Suspect In The Murder In Delphi Is Now In State Custody!

The Suspect In The Murder In Delphi Is Now In State Custody: Carroll County, Indiana Circuit Judge Benjamin Diener said this week that he will be recusing himself from the case involving Richard Allen, who was just arrested in connection with the 2017 killings of teenagers Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Indiana.

The Suspect In The Murder In Delphi Is Now In State Custody!

Who is Richard Allen? What we know about Delphi murder suspect

Diener ordered state custody for Allen on the same day he was announced to be in danger, stating his concerns in a letter that said, in part, “the public’s blood hunger for information, before it exists, is exceedingly dangerous.”

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The arrest of Logan follows a search warrant issued in 2017 in connection with another guy also named Ronald Logan. The land on which the teens’ bodies were discovered belonged to Logan. Since he passed away in 2020, no criminal charges were ever filed against him.

NewsNation Prime welcomed a panel of experts who have been following the case to discuss the latest information. Natasha Zouves, the show’s host, demanded to know why Logan was never taken into custody.

Those in charge of the investigation “thought he was too old to have perpetrated a crime like this,” Jennifer Coffindaffer, a former FBI agent, explained, explaining why he was not detained.

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Investigative author Chris Todd, who looked into the case, said that Logan was the one who carried it out. We can’t rule out the possibility that Richard Allen is helping Ron Logan in his plot.

There is no possible outcome in which it is only Richard Allen,” he declared. The video above provides a comprehensive breakdown of recent events regarding the murder investigation in Delphi.

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