The Second Episode Of “She-hulk” Teases Wolverine And Reference “Eternals.”

The Second Episode Of She-hulk

Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), who was forced to reveal her new Hulk skills in court in order to stop Titania (Jameela Jamil), is thrust into the spotlight in  She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s second episode, “Superhuman Law.” Jen experiences little privacy in the public after being called She-Hulk and is hailed as a hero. The episode offers a tonne of fresh Easter eggs and subtly hints at upcoming material.

Is Wolverine a Real Character in the MCU?

Jen is busy room scrolling, looking at a website that advertises “10 Offbeat Jobs For a Fresh Start,” while Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) assists her in finding a She-Hulk-tolerant law firm to work for. Although you might wonder why “Swiss Village Mascot” appears at the top of the list, that isn’t the main Easter egg mentioned. This heading appears on the website’s sidebar, which also includes a number of linked articles.

Man fights with metal claws in a bar brawl, according to the first article. It’s obvious that it’s a reference to Wolverine given the description. The MCU appears to be getting closer to the X-introduction, Men’s despite the fact that there is no way to conclusively corroborate the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teasing. Although this is the first time Wolverine has been mentioned, the MCU recently hinted at the existence of mutants when Kamala Khan’s origins as a mutant were revealed in the Ms. Marvel finale, which sampled the theme from X-Men: The Animated Series.

It’s possible that Marvel will forego the X-origin Men’s stories altogether, or at least Wolverine’s, as they have done with other heroes like Moon Knight and Spider-Man in the past, regardless of how they ultimately decide to introduce the X-Men to the MCU.

The Eternals Added Their Signature

Another article titled “Why is there a big statue of a man sticking out of the ocean?” lies below the one about the man with the metal claws. The heavenly Tiamut starts to emerge through the Earth towards the end of the Eternals, but the Eternals stop him before he can destroy the planet. The celestial’s enormous hand and part of his head are now the only remnants of his presence that are still rising from the ocean’s surface after Tiamut’s emergence has been stopped.

Since the publication of Eternals, fans have been anxiously awaiting the tremendous effects of their titanic conflict, as the discovery of a gigantic statue in the ocean would be impossible to miss. The public is aware of this occurrence, as this article indicates, but they are still unaware of the circumstances that led to it.

Bootylicious Lockscreen for Jen

Jen is fixated on Steve Rogers, as was made clear in the first episode. She is more interested in his more private life than his exploits as Captain America or his time spent with The Avengers, though. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that Jen’s lock screen includes Captain America—or at least a portion of him—while she is actively looking for a job and after receiving a text from her mother. That’s America’s ass, for sure.

The Hawkeye Problem

Fans have been curious about Clint Barton’s preferred weapon ever since The Avengers (2012), which established him as one of the original six team members. How do the arrows move? When the conflict is done, does he pick them up? Naturally, the MCU’s civilian population has the same inquiries that Jen’s father, Morris (Mark Linn-Baker), asks her during their family dinner. He merely wants to know what happens to them and whether he cleans up his own messes. They might be dangerous if they are just laying about, after all. Jen obviously lacks an answer because she has never worked with Hawkeye before, but if she wanted to, she could certainly get one from Bruce (Mark Ruffalo).

In Plain Sight: Hidden Comics

Jen surprises everyone at the firm with her Hulk-like appearance as she is giving a tour of GLK&H while taking on the She-Hulk persona. But even if your eyes are on Jen, you should concentrate on the offices she goes by, in particular. A man leaves his office shocked by the eccentric Hulk lawyer as Jen is busy breaching the fourth wall to discuss her present predicament. You can see the comic book collection he has on display to his right. Comics featuring Captain America, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk are visible, however, it can be difficult to make out the titles of all of the individual issues.

Reference to The Silence of the Lambs

Following up on last week’s family-friendly Pixar shoutout, She-Hulk makes another movie reference in its second episode, albeit in a slightly different way. A serious Department Control Supermax Prison officer is giving Jen information about Abomination (Tim Roth), and Jen sarcastically inquires if Abomination will serve her up “with some fava beans and a fine chianti,” but she is quickly interrupted before she can continue the sentence. This is a reference to the infamous serial killer/cannibal Hannibal Lecter from the film Silence of the Lambs, played by Anthony Hopkins (no, not Odin). Who can blame Jen if she gets in trouble for the reference? Never pass up the chance to use a memorable movie quote.

Abomination’s View of the Situation

Emil Blonsky is finally making his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, after making a brief appearance in Shang-Chi in Abomination form and now in She-Hulk. Emil claims to have reformed and informs Jen that instead of becoming Abomination, he has written several haikus to share with his victims. Additionally, he admits to Jen that in his eyes, he was a nice person. The brief exchange sparks a brand-new dialogue on superhero ethics, the kind Jen just agreed to.

Blonsky claims that his actions in The Incredible Hulk were misunderstood and that he was merely carrying out the task that had been given to him—removing a threat. We saw The Incredible Hulk from Bruce’s point of view as viewers. We are aware of his kindness and good character, but he did pose a severe threat with his uncontrollable Hulk-outs. Blonsky contends that the US government gave him specific instructions to neutralize the Hulk, a lethal threat. He adds that the government’s super soldier serum was what caused his “rampage in Harlem,” which was a direct effect. Jen seizes on this query, and although she doesn’t explain, it appears that this will be the main piece of supporting evidence in her defense of Blonsky.

Blonsky strengthens his argument by claiming that he thought that because of the US Government’s approval of his conduct, he would be recognized as a hero on par with Captain America. He also emphasized the hypocrisy of being imprisoned while Hulk was hailed as the hero he imagined he would be. Jen confesses later in conversation with Bruce that Blonsky makes a compelling case and chooses to accept his side, despite the fact that she is tired of being fooled by him, as we all should be.

7 Soul Mates

Blonsky mentions having “seven soulmates” whom he met through the jail letter pal program while consulting with Jen. She-Hulk is marketed as a comedy, so if he only said it once, it would seem to be nothing more than a throwaway remark to get a laugh. However, Blonsky brings them up once more, saying he wants to begin a new life and “live in peace on a vast piece of property” that they had bought. The identity of the “seven soulmates” is now in doubt, having been established twice.

It appears highly likely that Blonsky’s “soulmates” could be the members of his future Thunderbolts team given Valentia Allegra de Fontaine’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) nefarious plans to recruit a team (John Walker/US Agent and Yelena Belova so far) and the recent announcement of Thunderbolts at SDCC last month. Since Val hasn’t been seen in a while, it would be surprising if she didn’t sneak up on She-Hulk and add Abomination to her expanding team. His repressed resentment toward Jen undoubtedly matches the Thunderbolts’ requirements, making him the ideal candidate.

“A completely different person,” says Hulk.

Before accepting Blonsky’s case, Jen calls Bruce to obtain his consent. Bruce gives her the go-ahead, saying that he and Abomination have since put their argument behind them. He continues, “I am now a completely different person. Literally.” This is a not-so-subtle criticism of Bruce Banner’s new role. In The Incredible Hulk, the part that Edward Norton originally played was recast due to creative differences. The character has been portrayed by Mark Ruffalo since 2012’s The Avengers. Although the dialogue could be seen as Bruce becoming the Smart Hulk, Jen’s glance directly into the camera and her dry “ha-ha” indicate otherwise.

Following: Sakaar
Remember the cause of Jen and Bruce’s automobile crash from Episode 1? In the sky, a Saakarian ship searching for Bruce appears, forcing Jen to quickly veer out of the path to prevent a collision. Later, Bruce goes into further detail about the ship’s point of origin and says he needs to go back to that time in his life. Jen is now on the phone with Bruce in Episode 2 discussing her choice to defend Blonsky/Abomination in court. She asks Bruce when he’ll visit Los Angeles once she has his consent. As the camera pans out to reveal what was initially thought to be Bruce’s lab is actually a ship (of the same kind from the automobile collision) hurtling him through space, Bruce grins and informs her it might not be for a little while.

This is a crucial storyline development and the episode’s biggest revelation because it suggests Bruce’s possible future. He is most likely traveling to Sakaar, where he was infamous for being an unbeatable gladiator for two years when trapped as Savage Hulk. Nothing is known about the Hulk’s stay on Sakaar outside of what transpires in Thor: Ragnarok, which takes place in between the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron and that movie.

A World War Hulk adaptation is imminent, according to all indications. The timing really makes sense in that regard because it is claimed that Marvel will reclaim the rights to a standalone Hulk film in 2023. Savage Hulk would be back in a World War Hulk narrative, and it would probably focus on what transpired while the two years he was in space. The future? Perhaps there is a third Hulk out there that we are not yet aware of.

The Wong Relationship in “Shang-Chi”

There was a lot of discussion regarding the appearance of Wong (Benedict Wong) and Abomination fighting each other in some sort of cage match when the Shang-Chi trailers and TV advertisements first debuted. It was significant for several reasons. First and foremost, everyone enjoys seeing Wong, and Abomination’s unexpected comeback is another plus. Comic book speculation went rampant (see above), but when the film was actually released, it only briefly featured the two. It turns out that the unusual pair allegedly staged the match, and it appears that they have struck some sort of arrangement. Wong creates a gateway so that Abomination can return to his cell after their pretend combat.

The footage of this fight, which was leaked online and to the news, is shown at the conclusion of She-Hulk Episode 2. Even worse, Jen is now forced to deal with the obvious violation of Abomination’s sentence after only agreeing to represent Blonsky. Blonsky’s assertion that he is resisting using his Abomination site is contradicted by the fight, even though the cause is still unknown. Perhaps this is the reason Wong is on the show; after all, the Sorcerer Supreme has some explaining to do if he has been breaking supermax inmates out of their cells for cage matches on a regular basis.

The Scene Following Credits

Although there is no hint of what’s to come, if you lingered past the credits, you probably enjoyed seeing Jen transform into the She-Hulk and assist her father with different household chores. Cousin Ched (Nicholas Cirillo), a recently promoted Best Buy manager, is really disappointed by all of this and thinks he could just as easily hang the TV even if he doesn’t know what 4K is.

When it comes to She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, “Superhuman Law” is another step in the right way because it amps up the meta references and fourth wall breaks while still retaining the suspense in both its primary plot and the unrevealed future storylines it teases. On Disney+, brand-new episodes of the show air every Thursday.

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