The Parkland Shooter Leaves Broward Jail To Go To Prison!

The Parkland Shooter Leaves Broward Jail To Go To Prison!
The Parkland Shooter Leaves Broward Jail To Go To Prison!

The Parkland Shooter Leaves Broward Jail To Go To Prison: Broward County no longer has the Parkland shooter in custody. The Broward Sheriff’s Office, which manages the Broward Main Jail, said that on Friday morning, Nikolas Cruz, 24, was transferred from the jail to the care of the Florida Department of Corrections. Cruz was sentenced on Wednesday to 34 consecutive life terms.

The Parkland Shooter Leaves Broward Jail To Go To Prison!

Parkland gunman leaves Broward jail for prison

The Department of Corrections will process him and tell him where he will serve his term, but law enforcement sources believe he is not going to the prison arrival center in Miami.

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was one of 17 killed by Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, said, “Honestly, he didn’t have a bad existence these last four and a half years.” We can put an end to that now.

He’s destined for a fiery afterlife here on planet Earth. When I read the inevitable reports that his fellow convicts have taken care of justice, that will be the last time I think about him.

Cruz’s sentencing appears to have provided some unexpected catharsis for the victims’ families.

The unexpected outpouring of grief from the victims, which included pointed criticism of the defense lawyers, the behavior of the defense attorneys when they thought the world was watching (and when they didn’t), and the judge’s embrace of the prosecutors after the case was formally concluded all raised interesting questions about boundaries for observers.

Guttenberg said he felt better after seeing Cruz leave the courtroom, though he was hesitant to speak for the families. Nothing good happened to any of our families,” he claimed.

That was a lengthy, difficult, and emotional process. He was literally being led to his death. The fact is that it’s finished. It’s finished. It’s over; I don’t have to worry about him or how he’s being treated ever again.

On the other hand, it’s not the same in all respects. The school where Cruz killed 17 and injured 17 more is still standing and shut off from the public in preparation for next year’s trial of ex-Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the school resource officer accused of hiding instead of intervening during the shooting. The jury will have to assess if he knew or should have known the gunshot was coming from. He claims he didn’t do it.

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A jury selection for the child neglect case is scheduled for May of next year.

For the time being, several individuals involved in the Cruz death penalty case are taking heat for their actions during the trial. The Florida Bar has stated that it is investigating a complaint made against Assistant Public Defender Tamara Curtis.

Family members of the victims singled out Curtis for an inappropriate gesture she made before the trial, though the details of that allegation were kept under wraps.

This occurred outside of a formal proceeding. The judge and the families of the victims weren’t present. After the jury was selected but before opening statements were made, defense attorneys raised an objection to a camera being set up so that the media could photograph the attorneys. They called it “The Constitution Violator” because it allowed them to spy on private conversations and records.

While members of the media tested the equipment for lead defense lawyer Melisa McNeill, Curtis, seated next to the giggling defendant, lifted her middle finger to the camera to show compliance with court directions regarding what could and could not be captured in the courtroom.

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Users of the social networking site Reddit watched the live stream, filmed it, and shared it on the platform. Although no one mentioned it during the trial, the families of the victims brought it up after the jury returned without a death recommendation and the defendant was guaranteed a life sentence as an example of unprofessional behavior.

Since Cruz’s ejection from court on Wednesday, Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer has come under fire for embracing members of the prosecution team after she left the bench.

Scherer began his legal career in the State Attorney’s Office, which was then headed by Mike Satz. Prior to the election of current State Attorney Harold Pryor at the end of 2020, co-counsel Jeff Marcus served as Satz’s top subordinate.

They recruited Satz and Marcus to wrap up the Cruz case, and now that it’s done, they want them out of the office. However, observers of the court and the defense bar were outraged by the hugs shared by the prosecutors and the judge.

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