The First Episode Of American Sailor Moon Was Just Uncovered By A Youtuber

Sailor Moon

The long-running quest for American Sailor Moon counterpart is now over. The pilot episode of the unaired, unfinished series known as Saban Moon has been discovered by Ray Mona, a YouTuber who chronicles her efforts to locate lost media (including the never-released Mean Girls game).

About two years before the launch of the dubbed Sailor Moon that we are familiar with, in 1993, the narrative of the Americanized Sailor Moon begins. In an effort to create an English-language adaptation of the series, animation studio Toon Makers partnered with Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment, the team behind the original Power Rangers. A live-action/animation hybrid project that the two businesses presented ultimately fizzled out. Only a little music video that was aired at an anime convention in the 1990s gave us a taste of what the project ultimately produced.

We finally have the complete first episode, though. Ray Mona describes her quest to find Saban Moon in a two-part (part one | part two) story that spans several months. She was able to get a copy of the tape from The Library of Congress for her video with the help of former Bandai America president Frank Ward and the assistance of Kotaku reporter Cecilia D’Anastasio, who tried to locate the long-lost episode in 2018.

In part two of Ray Mona’s series, the pilot can be seen at 1:43:48. It’s amazing to see the unfinished series for the first time. Each Sailor Scout, including Luna, is portrayed by a real-life actress during their sojourn on Earth in this episode, which alternates between an animated and live-action format. The show switches to an animated version during the space-related scenes, replacing the traditional starry-eyed appearance of Sailor Moon’s characters with something you’d see in an old Disney film.

I have to admit that it was definitely worth the wait because it’s an entirely fresh perspective on the series.

FAQs About the first season of Sailor Moon?

What was the name of the first season of Sailor Moon?

Sailor Soldier Pretty
Sailor Moon is a 1992 Japanese superheroine anime television series created by Toei Animation employing Super Sentai themes. It was first shown in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Japanese:, Hepburn: Bishjo Senshi Sr Mn) and afterward as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

How many seasons are there in the original Sailor Moon?

five seasons
The entire Sailor Moon series has five seasons (also some movies). Only the first four seasons of the original English dub were dubbed. The fifth season’s first release had English subtitles but was in Japanese. There were 200 episodes altogether, although they weren’t all made available in English at once until the VIZ Media dub.

Does Sailor Moon look white?

inhabiting the moon
Though you wouldn’t run into this fictitious figure on the street, you might assume she is Caucasian if you did. Anyway, she originates from a prehistoric culture that existed on the moon, according to the plot.

What makes her known as Sailor Moon?

Senshi Sailor. Usagi Tsukino’s name translates to “rabbit of the moon” when read in the traditional Japanese naming order of surname first, given name second. This refers to both her Senshi persona as Sailor Moon and a Japanese folktale about rabbits creating mochi on the moon.

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