Star Of The Predator Film Reacts To Prey

Predator Movie Star Reacts To Prequel Prey
Predator Movie Star Reacts To Prequel Prey

Amber Midthunder, who stars in “Prey,” “ain’t got time to bleed,” according to Jesse Ventura.

The actor, who was in the first “Predator” movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, praised the latest movie in the series, calling it a “wonderful film.”

In a Saturday night tweet, Ventura said, “Great, great movie,” and he praised Midthunder’s performance. “Welcome to the family of Predators. “Thank you, [Director Dan Trachtenberg], for making such a thoughtful, creative, and great movie.”

Both Midthunder and Trachtenberg were shocked when “Predator” actor and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura gave them his stamp of approval. They thanked Ventura for his kind words.

“Thank you sir! Thank you for watching, and we’re glad you liked what we did!” Trachtenberg replied to Ventura.

“I just… “I don’t know what to say, but thank you,” Midthunder wrote in response.

Since it started on Hulu last week, “Prey” has been getting a lot of attention. The “Predator” prequel has been praised by critics, who gave it a 91% approval rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes, which collects reviews from top critics. Fans also seem to like the movie. On social media, they have praised the new take on the action franchise.

“Prey” moves “Predator” to the Great Plains in the 1700s and follows a Comanche woman named Naru (Midthunder) as she tries to prove that she is a good hunter. When an alien with dreadlocks makes contact and starts killing for fun, Naru and her brother, Dakota Beavers, must work together to defeat the enemy.

The movie is the first “Predator” movie to come out outside of theatres. However, Trachtenberg has said that the film’s streaming release didn’t stop the crew from making a movie that was worthy of the franchise. Beavers also talked to Variety about how many Native Americans are shown in the movie.

“Before the previews came out, I heard some people saying, ‘How are these people with sticks and rocks going to beat the Predator?'” Beavers said. “They were very smart and able… Before these people started writing history, there was a lot going on in North America. It was a very busy place. And they were pretty good at what they did. Even though it was a little different from what their neighbors across the pond were doing, that doesn’t mean they were bad at it.

You can now watch “Prey” on Hulu.

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