Shocking!!!Big Brother Season 24 Replaces Marvin Achi

Big Brother Season 24
Big Brother Season 24

There has been a shocking shake up on Big Brother Season 24, only hours after the new houseguests were introduced and that’s done just one day before the premiere.

Marvin Achi Replaced

On Tuesday night, the show’s Twitter revealed that Marvin Achi will not be competing.

Update on the cast! Marvin has been removed from the Big Brother house for the remainder of the current season. To quote the official Big Brother 24 Twitter account: “Please join us in welcoming Joseph, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, FL to the cast of Big Brother 24!”

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Why Marvin Achi Was Replaced?

There was no mention of a rationale for the shift. Fans, however, have began to theorize that Marvin’s participation in this season of America’s Got Talent may be the cause.

Marvin may be contractually bound to be present for the live broadcasts of Season 17 of America’s Got Talent if he makes it through the Judge Selections phase. Therefore making it nearly impossible for him to present in the big brother house or for America’s got talent at the same time.

Big Brother Season 24 Remaining Cast Members

On Tuesday morning, the remaining cast members were revealed.

Julie Chen Moonves, host of Big Brother, recently spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier, and she hinted that the upcoming season will be tougher and more exciting than ever.

You will see it on the first night of the premiere. “People are going to play new challenges we’ve never had before as soon as they get out of the home for the 90-minute debut,” she said. Then we’ll show you a wild live eviction for the first time ever.

According to Julie, viewers will experience “an eviction night like we’ve never had before,” and the “first elimination show is not going to be traditional” with anyone being in danger despite appearances.

Oh, and at the end of the pilot episode, I’m going to make them an offer they cannot refuse,” she said. That’s right, it’s like walking into a room and having everything thrown at you at once. That’s right, folks, the rules have changed.

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Meet the 16 New Big Brother 24 House Guests

  • Joseph Abdin
  • Paloma Aguilar
  • Michael Bruner
  • Kyle Capener
  • Jasmine Davis
  • Daniel Durston
  • Taylor Hale
  • Terrance Higgins
  • Brittany Hoopes
  • Ameerah Jones
  • Nicole Layog
  • Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli
  • Alyssa Snider
  • Monte Taylor
  • Matt “Turner” Turner
  • Indy Santos

The premiere of season 24 of Big Brother will air on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Wednesday, July 6.

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