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The formal release of Samsung’s latest foldable, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, is still over a week away, so it’s only natural that the gadgets’ complete designs have begun to surface online.

Evan Blass, a leaker, has published a plethora of ostensibly official photographs on 91Mobiles, depicting the two phones from nearly every aspect, including both their folded and unfolded states. There appear to be three color options for the Z Fold 4 (black, beige, and grey) and four for the Z Flip 4 (white, black, red, and yellow) (black, gold, blue, and purple).

However, if you were anticipating significantly different designs for either gadget compared to last year’s models, you may be disappointed. Even the camera bumps and black stripe at the top of the Z Flip’s back appear to have been passed down from a common ancestor.

Due to the dark background on the Fold 4’s display, it is difficult to determine whether the inner display will again have an under-display selfie camera, which performed poorly on last year’s smartphone. The images do not provide a definitive response regarding whether or the Z Fold 4 will not contain a built-in holder for an S Pen stylus, a previously rumored feature.


However, the absence of significant design modifications does not preclude useful enhancements for this year’s foldable. A previous leak revealed that the Z Flip 4’s folding display may have been updated to result in a less noticeable crease down the center of the screen when unfolded, while a report suggested that the Z Flip 4 will have a larger secondary display on its exterior. Android 12L, an update to Google’s mobile operating system that contains enhancements developed primarily for large-screen smartphones, may also bring software enhancements to the Z Fold 4.

We will have to wait until August 10 for more information, when both phones are rumored to be shown alongside a new wearable, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

what Samsung’s next foldables look like

The slight modifications to the general design could be an indication of what Samsung’s main emphasis is with these devices: cheaper cost. Samsung’s mobile director, TM Roh, hinted earlier this month that the company’s aim this year is a “mainstream moment” for foldable, which we’re hoping means they’ll be substantially cheaper. We’ll know for sure on Aug. 10, 2022.

Some FAQ

In 2022, will Samsung release a new flip phone?
At the August installment of Galaxy Unpacked 2022, we anticipate that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its flip-styled sister, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, in addition to several additional smartphones.

What does Samsung’s new fold look like?
The Galaxy Z Fold 3 once again has two displays: a 6.2-inch OLED cover display and a 7.6-inch main display that is revealed when the device is unfolded. Both panels provide an adjustable refresh rate of 120Hz, and I noticed fluid scrolling and general performance while using the phone.

Will fold 4 be produced?
The Z Fold 4 will reportedly feature a 7.6-inch primary panel and a 6.2-inch outside display, both of which will be AMOLED and 120Hz. The new foldable will feature a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, up to 12GB or 16GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage space.

Is Z fold 4 forth coming?
While we officially do not yet have an official release date for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, all indications point to an August 10 appearance at Samsung Unpacked. Expect the latest version to be compared to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, should it launch.