Putin Suffers From Terminal Cancer, Ukrainian Intelligence Boss Claims

putin have cancer

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence says that Vladimir Putin has been dying for a “very long” time and may die soon.

Kyrylo Budanov said that sources close to the president have told Kyiv that the 70-year-old Russian leader is sick with cancer.

“He’s been sick for a long time, so I’m sure he has cancer.” I think he will pass away very soon. I Really Hope, “He said to ABC News.

Some people, like a U.S. senator, have said that Putin needs to die to end the war in Ukraine.

When an ABC reporter said that the “transfer of power” after Putin’s death might not mean the end of the invasion, Budanov said that the war “should be over” before he dies.

When asked what Kyiv knows about Putin’s health, Budanov replied, “We believe that it’s cancer.” “We just know it, and we know it from people.”

Since Putin invaded Ukraine in February, there have been many rumours that he is sick, including that he has cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

The rumours seem to have come from a leaked recording that New Lines Magazine got, in which an oligarch with ties to the Kremlin seemed to say that Putin had blood cancer and was “very sick.”

But a former CIA officer warned the publication that Moscow has an “instinct” to spread false information and that it may be part of its plan to make people talk.

During the year 2022, a number of photos came out that seemed to show track marks on Putin’s hands. Some people, including a former head of the British Army, have said that this could mean that Putin is getting intravenous drips.

More rumours started when video footage showed Putin holding on to a desk in an apparent attempt to stop his hands from shaking. Other people said that photos of his face that look “puffed up” could mean that he is taking steroids as part of his cancer treatment.

US intelligence doesn’t seem to agree on whether or not the former KGB agent is really dying.

Officials told Newsweek in June that they thought Putin was treated for “advanced cancer” in April, but the next month, CIA Director William Burns told a security conference, “As far as we can tell, he’s entirely too healthy.”

In June, defence and security expert Professor Michael Clarke said that there was “no convincing evidence” that Putin has Parkinson’s or cancer. He also said that Putin’s “little team of doctors” may just mean that he is a “hypochondriac.”

Claims that Putin is sick have been denied by the Kremlin. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told French TV channel Tf1: “I don’t think that sane people can see signs of some kind of illness or ailment in this person.”

Even though Putin has denied the rumours, they haven’t stopped. Putin’s decision to cancel his end-of-year press conference for the first time in a decade has only added to the rumour mill.

Since the Kremlin gave no reason for the cancellation, some people thought it was another sign that his health was getting worse.

But the UK Ministry of Defense tweeted: “Although questions are almost always checked ahead of time, the cancellation is likely due to growing concerns about how common anti-war sentiment is in Russia.”

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