Planned Parenthood Slams Netflix’s ‘Blonde’ for Contributing to ‘Anti-Abortion Propaganda’

Planned Parenthood Slams Netflix ‘Blonde’ for Contributing to ‘Anti-Abortion Propaganda’
Planned Parenthood Slams Netflix ‘Blonde’ for Contributing to ‘Anti-Abortion Propaganda’

Andrew Dominick’s “Blonde” just came out on Netflix on September 28. Since then, it has been heavily criticized by viewers for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with how it fictionalizes and portrays Marilyn Monroe’s life, which has been called “exploitative.” Now, Planned Parenthood has come out against the movie, saying that it helps spread “anti-abortion propaganda.”

In the movie, which is based on Joyce Carol Oates’s novel of the same name, Monroe (played by Ana de Armas) is forced to have two illegal abortions, both of which leave her with permanent scars. In one scene, Monroe talks to a photorealistic CGI version of her unborn baby, who asks her, “You won’t hurt me this time, will you?”

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, the movie industry is taking a closer look at how it shows abortion. Caren Spruch, the national director of arts and entertainment engagement for Planned Parenthood, joined the conversation and said that the way abortion is shown in movies could be harmful.

“Because movies and TV shows shape how many people think about sexual and reproductive health, it’s important that they show women’s real choices and experiences in a realistic way.

Even though abortion is safe and important health care, anti-abortion extremists have for a long time made abortion look bad by saying things that aren’t true from a medical point of view about fetuses and pregnancy, Spruch said in a statement to Variety. “Andrew Dominik’s new movie, “Blonde,” backs up their message with a talking foetus that looks like a full-grown baby and is made with CGI.”

“Planned Parenthood respects artistic freedom and freedom of expression. However, false images only serve to spread false information and keep the stigma around sexual and reproductive health care alive.” “Every outcome of a pregnancy, especially an abortion, should be shown in the media in a sensitive, honest, and accurate way,” Spruch said.

“We still have a lot of work to do to make sure that everyone who has an abortion can see themselves onscreen. It’s a shame that the people who made “Blonde” chose to support anti-abortion propaganda and make people feel bad about their health care choices instead.”

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