Businessman Michael Armand Hammer: Father Of Armie Hammer Dies Aged 67

Michael Armand Hammer, the father of actor Armie Hammer, has passed away at the age of 67.

After a long battle with cancer, Michael passed away on Sunday, November 20th, according to a reliable source.

Michael Armand Hammer was the grandson of industrialist Armand Hammer and the son of successful American businessman Julian Armand Hammer.

Michael ran the Hammer International Foundation and the Armand Hammer Foundation. He also owned many different businesses, such as the Hammer Galleries and Hammer Productions. All of these businesses were related to Occidental Petroleum, the company that his late grandfather ran.

The documentary series House of Hammer, which explored the lives of Michael and his family and the allegations levelled against Michael’s son Armie, premiered on Discovery+ earlier this year.

A woman who went by the name Effie publicly accused the actor who played Elio in Call Me by Your Name of raping and abusing her in the year 2021. He refuted the allegation.

At the same time, what were said to be direct messages from the actor were posted online. They talked about graphic sexual desires and even mentioned a fetish for eating people.

Due to the uproar, Hammer was taken out of several upcoming projects, including the Paramount+ series The Offer, the film thriller Billion Dollar Spy, the romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, which starred Jennifer Lopez, and the Broadway play The Minutes.

All the allegations made against Hammer are false, according to Hammer, who describes them as “vicious and spurious online attacks.”

A number of Armie’s accusers appeared on camera and played audio and/or showed screenshots of text messages and voicemails they claimed to have received from the actor as part of the series.

Regarding Michael’s passing, Armie and his family have not yet commented.

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