Marvel to Introduce New Gay Spiderman

New Gay Spiderman
New Gay Spiderman

Marvel has never shied away from breaking the barriers of society.

Few years ago, it was the first black spiderman in the form of Miles Morales and now, a new gay spiderman.

This boldness is the reason why Marvel Comics is able to create costumed heroes that have helped legions of viewers feel represented and seen.

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Many of these characters have originated in the Spider-Man subset of the Marvel universe, and now it seems that the Spider-Man franchise may create history with the introduction of an openly gay protagonist. Marvel just announced issue #5 of their Spider-Man crossover series, Edge of Spider-Verse, which will be released in September as part of the larger crossover event The End of Spider-Verse. Web-Weaver, hailed as the first gay Spider-Man, will make his debut in Edge of Spider-Verse Issue #5.

A “not-so-mild fashion designer at Van Dyne,” Web-Weaver was created by Steve Foxe and Kris Anka to “show us a completely different kind of Spider-Slayer.” Though Foxe has been coy about Spider-civilian Slayer’s identity, he has hinted on Twitter that the character would be groundbreaking in terms of LGBTQ+ representation.

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It was clear to Foxe from the start that Web-Weaver couldn’t (or shouldn’t) stand in for all gay guys. “No one person or thing can. An integral part of his persona is his boldly femme identity, but that’s not the story. The story is something you’ll get to experience for yourself in September.”

You may check out some of Anka’s designs for Web-Weaver that she posted on Twitter down below.

The solicitation for issue #5 of Edge of Spider-Verse may be found down below.

“Three new Spiders are born right here! WEB-WEAVER: A not-so-mild-mannered Van Dyne fashion designer is bitten by a spider and becomes a Spider-Slayer of a different sort. Imagine Sergei Kravinoff with Spider-Powers; that’s the premise of HUNTER-SPIDER. The toughest Spider is still ahead of you. In addition, the Spider-Verse movies’ directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, come up with a new Spider in time for the franchise’s conclusion.”

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