Mari Gilbert Cause of Death: Understanding the Circumstances of Her Passing

Mari Gilbert Cause of Death
Mari Gilbert Cause of Death

Mari Gilbert Cause of Death: The new Netflix film “Lost Girls” tells the story of a mother’s struggle to discover what happened to her vanished daughter. Based on the book by journalist Robert Kolker, the film illuminates how law enforcement and the media evaluate women’s ethics when they are victims of violent crime.

The screenplay was written by Liz Garbus, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her direction. “Lost Girls” is one of the finest female-directed films.

In reality, Mari Gilbert (portrayed by Amy Ryan in the film), the mother attempting to discover what happened to her daughter Shannan, was murdered herself.

Mari Gilbert Cause of Death

Mari Gilbert did not live to witness the arrest of the Long Island architect accused of murdering four young women whose skeletal remains were discovered near Gilgo Beach more than a decade ago.

Gilbert fought for her 24-year-old daughter Shannan, a New Jersey resident who disappeared in May 2010. In December 2011, her remains were discovered in a nearby coastal community.

Mari Gilbert Cause of Death

Her death may have been an accident unrelated to the other homicides in the long-abandoned multiple homicide case known as the “Gilgo Four.” In her final years, Mari Gilbert demanded a thorough investigation into the disappearance of her daughter.

Gilbert contested the verdict and attempted to reopen the investigation as a homicide inquiry. Shannan’s death may have been caused by strangulation, according to an independent autopsy requested by Gilbert’s family.

She fought valiantly to ensure that Shannan and the other victims would not be forgotten. Attorney John Ray for the Gilbert family stated:

“Mari saw Shannan as an unintended hero because it was Shannan’s disappearance that ironically caused all the others to have been found and, now, to have at least one arrest.”

Mari’s other daughter Sarra repeatedly stabbed Mari Gilbert with a 15-inch kitchen knife. She was then fatally struck with a fire extinguisher.

Mari’s body was discovered in her daughter’s residence in Ellenville. Later that day, Sarra was apprehended and charged with illicit possession of a firearm and second-degree murder.

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How Many Years Was Sara Imprisoned For?

Sarra Gilbert was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after experiencing emotional and mental distress due to the loss of her sister.

Robert Kolker, author of the 2013 book “Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery” that investigated the case in depth, stated:

“Mari understood that one way of finding at least a shred of meaning in the loss of her daughter was that her disappearance led to the discovery of those four women several months later and that without Shannan there would be no case, there would be no search for the killer. She understood that very well, and I believe she found some redemption in that idea: that Shannan’s loss helped others learn the truth.”

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