Man sentenced to 20 years in Oregon State Hospital for Portland Airbnb shooting

Man sentenced to 20 years in Oregon State Hospital
Man sentenced to 20 years in Oregon State Hospital

Caveion L. Lett, 22, was sentenced to 20 years in the Oregon State Hospital on Tuesday after a judge found him guilty of attempted murder in a shooting last year.

In May 2022, officers were called to a house in the 4600 block of Northeast Grand Avenue. When police arrived, they discovered a woman with a gunshot wound to her chest. Paramedics responded swiftly and brought her to a nearby hospital, where she finally recovered.

Here are Henry Brannan’s tweets about this topic. As of the 16th of July, despite court orders, 16 individuals found guilty in Oregon except for insanity are being held in jail rather than being transferred to the Oregon State Hospital for treatment-

Caveion L. Lett, 21, surrendered to cops after negotiating with them. According to court filings, Lett was renting one of three rooms in the residence on Northeast Grand Avenue.

The homeowner and her partner had been attempting to get him to leave, and court filings claimed that Lett had made threats concerning a pistol. Lett is also accused of removing a camera set in a communal area of the house.

The homeowner and her boyfriend planned to remove Lett at 8:30 p.m. on the night of the incident. He allegedly began shooting through the door when they knocked on his house to inquire about the camera.

“I do not believe he can be released because he did this for no reason,” the homeowner’s boyfriend stated at Lett’s arraignment. When I arrived at his home, I asked for the camera that he had stolen, and he opened fire on me and my girlfriend, striking her. This is a volatile individual who cannot be unleashed.”

Man sentenced to 20 years in Oregon State Hospital
Man sentenced to 20 years in Oregon State Hospital

Lett claims he intended to hit the man rather than the woman. A court ruled Lett Guilty Except for Insanity on the attempted murder counts throughout the trial. His other charges, assault 1, attempted assault 1, and two counts of unlawful weapon use, were combined with the murder counts.

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