Spanish Radio Host Gabriela Sifuentes-murder Castilla’s Suspect Arrested In Mexico

The suspect who left the country after Gabriela Sifuentes’s death in 2021 has been caught in Mexico on Thursday, November 24.

Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea, 35, was caught in Chihuahua, Mexico, with the help of federal and state agents in Mexico and the United States Marshals Service, according to a statement from the Taylorsville City Police Department.

On October 17, 2021, Burciaga-Perea was thought to have killed Sifuentes-Castilla in Taylorsville City. According to the charges, he shot her seven times in the chest, arm, and head at her sister’s house near 2300 West and 5200 South.

Before she died, Sifuentes-Castilla, who was also known as Gaby Ramos, worked at La Más Picosita on 15.50 AM as a radio host for more than a year and a half. She left behind a daughter who is 10 years old and whose parents live in Mexico.

Gaby Sifuentes Castilla, 38 and better known as Gaby Ramos, a radio host, was shot and killed in Taylorsville on Oct. 17, 2021. - Taylorsvile police
Gaby Sifuentes Castilla, 38, better known as Gaby Ramos, a radio host for a local Spanish-language radio station, was shot and killed at her Taylorsville home on Oct. 17

TVPD said that the two had been together before, but that they had broken up at the time of the incident. Detectives later found out that Burciaga-Perea had gone back to his home town in Chihuahua, Mexico, soon after they issued a warrant for his arrest.

Since Burciaga-Perea is a Mexican citizen and was physically in Mexico, Taylorsville police do not have the right to hold him.

Over the past year, the police department worked with local agencies like the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Marshals Service in Utah, and the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as the Mexican State Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Court in Mexico, to get a warrant for Burciaga’s arrest. Perea’s

TVPD Chief Brady Cottam said, “This could not have happened without teamwork, persistence, and cooperation between offices.” “The process was long and hard, but we are thankful for this big step toward justice and peace.”

The Federal Justice Center in Mexico is where Burciaga-Perea will be held. In the near future, a hearing on extradition will be set up.

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