“Love Island” Shaughna Phillips is Pregnant With Her 1st Child

shaughna phillips pregnancy
shaughna phillips pregnancy

Shaughna Phillips, who used to be on Love Island, said she is expecting her first child. The 28-year-old actress, who will be in the winter spin-off in 2020, told her Instagram followers in a sweet video. Shaughna is going to have a baby with her boyfriend, who hasn’t been named yet.

She just wrote, “Our greatest chapter yet…,” along with the emotional post, and then said that her baby is due in March 2023.

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan was one of the first to say something. She wrote, “BABEEE congratulations!!!! “I’m so glad for you!!!”

Vicky Pattinson also said, “Omg!” “Congratulations, pretty girl!” said Laura Whitmore, while “It’s the best!” said the other girl. So glad for you!

Demi Jones, who is also on Love Island, shared a picture of the woman with the caption, “My little Love Island mom-to-be @shaughnaphillips.” I’m so happy for you!

“You are such a special person, and I’m glad life brought us together. You’re going to be the best mommy!” I can’t wait to meet him or her and become your little Aunty DemDems.


Shaughna has talked about wanting to keep her relationship private in the past. In a podcast, she said, “I used to tell my dates, ‘I’d like to keep my relationship private. Is that okay with you?'”

“And if they said, ‘No, I don’t want you to keep my secret,’ I’m like, red flag. “But this guy said, ‘I don’t want to be famous anyway.’ I thought that was a good answer.

“Since then, we’ve been getting better and better, which I like because people like me who want everyone to know everything they do are weird.”

Shaughna’s fans were worried last week when she passed out at the National Television Awards and had to be helped up by her manager.

She later told her followers that she had a “dodgy turn” but wasn’t drunk, saying, “I just want to put it out there that I wasn’t drunk. I almost passed out. I have no idea what went wrong.

“I just had a very bad turn, and I had to take my shoes off and have my manager help me.”

She also said, “Just in case anyone saw and thought she’s seen better days, that’s not true. Thanks, but I wasn’t drunk.”

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