Loco Personally Announces His Upcoming Marriage, Instagram Flooded With Reactions


On September 13, LOCO announced his engagement to his girlfriend of two years on his personal Instagram, informing followers of their impending nuptials. The MC penned the following:

I met a friend of the same age that I grew up with in the same area shortly after I was discharged from the service. We soon became more than just friends since, for some reason, I was looking forward to seeing them.

We’ve constantly accepted one other’s professional decisions over the past two years while also spending priceless and joyous moments together. So it only made sense that we made a lifelong commitment to one another.

She is the only person who truly comprehends me, and she is a friend to the real me—the anxious, insecure person I am away from the stage. I believe that because of her, I am able to enjoy my daily life without experiencing anxiety and can make decisions for myself without fear. She is also the “soy latte girl,” as my followers are certainly aware, who I frequently refer to in my lyrics.

We made the decision to hold a private ceremony this fall with our close friends and family, despite the fact that we are still wary of COVID-19. As I inform you of my choice, I wanted to express my gratitude for your unwavering support.

Already ten years have passed since my debut. I’m forever grateful to my admirers, and I keep up my marketing with a grateful heart. I’m on pace with the stuff I want to get done this year, and I’ll still be around to see you through shows and albums.


How can I use Loco to make money?

How Can I Make Money With Loco? Users are invited to take a quiz on Loco in real-time, and they can win money if they correctly respond to every question. There are two quizzes held during the week (1:30 pm and 10 pm) and one quiz on the weekends (10 pm). A mobile version of a popular TV show like KBC is called Loco, formerly known as the Showtime app.

Is there real money in Loco streaming?

You can win actual money on Loco, and the winnings are automatically paid to your Paytm account. There are 10 questions in the game, and the $10,000 ($150) prize pool is distributed equally among the victors.

Who is Loco’s proprietor?

Pandita, Anirudh
The founders of Loco, Anirudh Pandita, and Ashwin Suresh declared that their company is leading India’s gaming streaming revolution. Our platform helps newbie gamers break into the big time and has laid the groundwork for India’s emerging creator economy.

Who in Loco has the most followers?

GamingWorld Verified is the most followed streamer. Diaboliceddy is an active streamer on Sabse. Streamer on the Chat Army: Jonathan Gaming.

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