Lauren Boebert Before And After Photos from Election Night Set The Internet On Fire!

Lauren Boebert Before And After Photos from Election Night Set The Internet On Fire!
Lauren Boebert Before And After Photos from Election Night Set The Internet On Fire!

 Coloradoans’ ballots are being tallied, and images from Lauren Boebert’s election party have started making the rounds on Twitter. The campaign between Boebert, a Republican, and Adam Frisch, a Democrat, to represent Colorado in the House has been closer than anyone anticipated.

Lauren Boebert Before And After Photos from Election Night!

According to his Instagram bio, Democratic strategist Keith Edwards tweeted the links late on Tuesday. He captioned a shot of the event, writing, “These before and after photos from Lauren Boebert’s election party are giving me life.”

Boebert and her husband are shown beaming and holding their hats high in one of the photographs, which is surrounded by similarly happy supporters.

The second picture seems to show a more downcast Boebert and her supporters lowering their heads, seeming sad.

Rather than reacting to the race, some social media users speculated that Boebert and her fans in the second photo were praying. People in the photos appear to be in similar poses, leading some to speculate that they were taken not too far apart.

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There has been an 81% completion rate in counting votes in District 3, says the Associated Press. With 51.2 percent, Frisch is ahead of Boebert’s 48.8 percent.

Since Boebert appeared to be falling behind in the race, other social media users have started making fun of her. Comedian Kristina Wong tweeted, “I can’t wait to get Lauren Boebert as my Uber driver,” along with a link to the photos.

The Mississippi Free Press reporter Ashton Pittman tweeted: “The 538 model gave Lauren Boebert 97-to-1 odds of winning Colorado’s third district. Instead, with 82% of the vote counted, she is losing by a margin of 3 points.”

Bradley Whitford, an actor, said in a tweet “A representative from Dancing with the Stars reached out to Lauren Boebert tonight, but the race has not been officially called.

Al Bernstein, a sports pundit, chimed in on the conversation via tweet: “As I’m sure many others would agree, hearing that Lauren Boebert [is losing] tonight has put a grin on my face.

“Clarification: Lauren Boebert’s vote tally is far from complete. She’s falling behind but making up ground, “Eric Melin, head of creative at First Person, took to Twitter.

We at Newsweek would like some feedback from Lauren Boebert.

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