Kelly Mi Li Made Millions By Launching One Of The First Successful Tech Incubators In Los Angele

Kelly Mi Li made millions by launching one of the first successful tech incubators in LA
Kelly Mi Li made millions by launching one of the first successful tech incubators in LA

Kelly Mi Li’s storyline in the first season of the hit Netflix show Bling Empire was one of the most important ones, and she has been back for every season since. Kelly is only 36 years old, but she has done a lot with her life and is now a successful business owner.

The self-made star seems to always have trouble on the show, but she also seems to always have money following her. Read on to find out how much this reality TV star is worth and how she makes her money.

What Kind Of Work Does Kelly Do?

Kelly is one of four people on the show who got where they are on their own. She is a partner at Greyscale Lab and a manager at a media and production company in Los Angeles.

Before this, she was a managing partner at a company that managed talent called East West Artists. She is also a successful real estate agent who sells high-end homes in and around Los Angeles.

As a co-founder of a company called Organic Media Group, she learned how to run a business. More recently, she started a media and production company called Wet Paws Media.

Since her business started up, she’s been very busy, and this is clear all throughout the series. Kelly is only 36, so we have no doubt that she will do great things in her life.

Kelly’s Net Worth

Kelly Mi Li is said to have a net worth of about $5 million (£3.6 million), according to the source. The star has made money by getting commissions on high-end homes. Kelly worked in insurance in New York before she switched to real estate, where she is said to have made a lot of money.

Kelly has also been involved in some tech startups, one of which was the first of its kind in LA. She has also worked as a film producer and talent manager. The reality star will also have made a lot of money from her three seasons as the main character on the show Bling Empire.

The self-made business mogul has worked hard to get to where she is now.

Kelly Tries To Make Sure That More Asians Are Shown In Her Work

Source says that one of her top goals is to make sure that Asian people are better represented in her work.

I moved [to the US] from China when I was 9, or 10 years old, and growing up I didn’t really have people who looked like me on TV.

Kelly has made it clear on Bling Empire that she is a busy woman whose work comes first. “I can’t eat lunch with them five days a week,” she says. “I work very hard. Success didn’t come easily; running your own business isn’t a 9-to-5 job. You’re on it 24/7.”

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